Hey all!

I've decided to make PWN its own forum separate from URPG (so similar to how it was before) and with that comes a lot of rearranging and adding to the forum in its current state and a team who want to see the best for PWN and it's success as a forum standalone as well as all its subforums! So please give a big congrats and shouts of good luck to Mistral and Elrond as they take up staff positions here at PWN!!

As wonderful as these two are, we are not without in need of some help. So we are opening up staff applications to anyone who is interested in becoming a part of the team!!

Use this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1A_S...CmQ9_VEcqRJn4/

I'm excited to see responses as well as to get to work with Mistral and Elrond to get this place up and running!