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Thread: Lost in the Night

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    Default Lost in the Night

    I would like to submit this for cash please.

    I decided to try out drawing on a computer and well this is my first attempt using a program called Gimp.
    I thought i'd draw my fav pokemon umbreon in it;s shiny form because blue is do much better.

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    A shiny umbreon in a spooky misty forest! “Lost in the Night”

    It’s a really cute cash submission, and I like shinies! For a first time using Gimp and using a computer to draw, its also pretty good! Plus, it’s a really good place to start improving from! Also, your signature is adorable.

    The Umbreon is very recogniseable! You’ve got all the right spots in the roughly the right places, and the proportions of body-to –tail and ear lengths is all good. Your umbreon is a little chubbier than the typical one- the reason I can tell that is because you’ve chosen a very standard pose. I typed ‘sitting umbreon’ into google, and it immediately came up with 3 pictures exactly the same pose as you’ve drawn. In a way, that means you’ve done really well to represent umbreon! Good job! Unfortunately though, it means you haven’t been terribly creative with the pose. It looks like a copied pose (from ProteusIII on deviantart, who states they trace from official merchandise), which disqualifies your piece from a hard ranking. Next time, maybe choose a slightly different angle, or expression, or pose! You could look at cats, foxes, and dogs as inspiration for interesting poses to do.

    I love your use of colours in this! All the tree silhoettes are very dark, yet they still have some colour tone. The umbreon glows a ghostly blue, with bright yellow eyes, and you’ve made the ground nice and light to show the effect of the mist diffusing the moonlight over the ground! It is thoughtful and cool! With digital art, theres a ridiculous amount of different hues and shades to choose, but all your trees are the same colour of brown, as is the ground and path. Unless it is sand, or extremely dry, then ground usually is varying different shades of brown, and so are individual trees! Play around with the hues a little! More colour variation makes it feel like you’ve put more care and thought into the background.

    In saying that though, I like what you’ve done with the moon and sky! The little light blue edges on the moon, and the fade to mist-colour, the moon halo, star halos are all great details! You’ve done a lot of detail on the umbreon, which is really good to see- even though its far away you’ve taken the time to even do its tiny little nose! It seems a little strange then, to see that the same level of care is definitely not taken with the trees. I know I’m guilty of running out of effort when it comes to leaves, but a scribbly ball for leaves is not great in terms of detail. Foliage is not often nice and round like that, but more random shapes! If you draw branches in fully, it might help you to see where the leaf clumps would hang. In most pictures it might not matter so much, but since you have these leaf-balls right in front of the bright, huge moon, in high contrast, it becomes glaringly obvious- and is one of the focal points of the picture.

    Spacing in this picture is interesting. You’ve got the umbreon, right in the centre. It’s a landscape orientation, and the eevee is sitting, so it feels very still. Expansive. And yet, the focus point of the picture is still quite far away from the viewer. I feel like you could have brought the umbreon closer to the viewer, or moved it slightly to the right more, to balance out the weight from the slightly-left moon which hangs over the scene, and the fact that the trees and landscape itself is quite repetitive with little interesting other features, and low detail. Perspective wise, you’ve shown a lot of thought, and I can tell that by all the moonshadows! Its really cool how they expand towards the viewer, and the tree trunks get thicker as they get closer. I feel like you’ve totally understood the basics of perspective here, and used it to your advantage to build a scene!

    Light and shading in this piece is really fun! I’ve already mentioned the halos in the sky, as well as the slight glow you’ve given the umbreon, but you’ve also made the trees lighter at the edges were the moonlight wraps around them, and brightened everything up in the misty lower section of the picture! The crisscrossing multishadows are awesome, and they are all at nice believeable angles, lengths, and lightnesses! I really love this effect, and the fact that you’ve put so much care and thought into it really elevates your piece!

    Overall, this is a pretty cool piece that uses some concepts really cohesively, and then runs out of effort in just a few areas that have tripped you up. I’m happy to award a medium rank amount of cash for this lovely picture- and if you felt like changing the eevees pose to one a little less standard and working a little more on the tree branches and their leaves, I’d be happy to elevate it to hard! Good luck on your computer-drawing adventures!!

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