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Thread: Staff Promotions Feb/March 2018

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    Default Staff Promotions Feb/March 2018

    Hey fam!

    To get the elephant identified early on, there's been a lot of change up in URPG Staff these past few months, i.e. a lot of Staff have either left, or have been demoted. So seeing people apply in this past round of applications to jump on board and help the community any way they could was very wonderful to see. We appreciate everyone who took the time and the will to sacrifice their time in filling out an app. Please don't think that's a throw-away phrase either, we really do appreciate the time and gesture. So even if you weren't promoted, it makes our hearts swell to know that we have members still who were willing and wanted to help, so thank you.

    So with that, would you all please congratulate and as we welcome four new officials: @Ralin;, @The Protobabe;, @Dekrueger;, and @VeloJello;! As well as one new moderator: @Elrond;!

    Ralin is cohead of stories, a seasoned navigator in Onmyo, and is well known throughout the community; we're excited to see him as an Official!!

    Proto has always been around, coming in and out of URPG sharing fun and being an RP/Art goddess; we look forward to seeing her more often under an orange name!!

    DK has been silent, but always poignant and dabbles in almost every part of the URPG, we were impressed with his application and very much look forward to working with the guy!!

    VJ is a ref, a grader, a navi, a ranger, and a curator :whew:, she's always helping out in the community with various jobs and sharing her wisdom here and there; we were happy to see her apply and even more happy to promote her!!

    Elrond has always been around and helping URPG, especially so recently as he took over the technical aspect of the game; we're very excited to have him as part of our team!!

    So after these past few months and these promotions, I thought I'd list who is in staff and what positions they have:

    Moderators: Me (Liam), Ash K., Elrond

    Officials: Ralin, VeloJello, Dash, DK, Proto, FD, K'Sariya, Mikey, and Ataro

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    Grats guys! Time to kick some butt!!!
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    Welcome all to the new roles! Let's make this work <3

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    Congratulations! Y'all have your work cut out for you :)
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    Congrats to the new staff, remember to search your name in #staff before the interesting stuff gets deleted

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