At Kaiko’s praise, both Pokemon brightened up. Fiyuro didn’t look altogether pleased to be withdrawn to his ball - especially since he hadn’t done too much in this battle - but he gave no complaint. He was a patient predator, after all; there would always be more fights. Azu squeaked appreciatively as her Trainer delivered scritches.

“No charity to it,” Kenjiro grunted. “I wouldn’t’a made the offer if I didn’t think you would provide a return on the investment. I’m not trying to force you into anything, mind,” he added, “just thinking that we two have a bit to offer each other.” He nodded to Kaiko, collecting the last of his things. “If you end up changing your mind, I live ‘round this plaza, so you know where to find me. Though, uh, for now I’d advise skedaddling. I don’t think folks are gonna be too pleased about the way you drove half the river through here.”

When Kaiko announced that she was going to make a gift out of Scraggy, it looked tempted to protest. However, there was no way it was going to get into any new adventures by sitting about in the Chasm Kua, so it didn’t put up a fuss. The Net Ball barely wobbled in Kaiko’s hand before going still.

With Kenjiro gone and Scraggy captured, Kaiko was free to choose what to do next. A few Chasm citizens looked at her, mostly with curiosity and annoyance. Pokemon battles were one thing, but flash-flooding an entire plaza was another. She might have some explaining, or hasty retreats, ahead of her - but soon, that would matter much less, as she prepared to face Hero King Hamada.

Team Stats
Azu | Azurill | Female | Level 18 | 60/70 HP | Nest Ball (Pragmatism) - Holding Silver Berry
EMs: Dive, Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall.

Fiyuro | Carvanha | Male | Level 5 | 16/25 HP | Net Ball (Discipline)
EMs: Dive, Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall.

Scraggy | Level 6 | 27/27 HP | Net Ball (Neutral)
EMs: N/A.

Net Balls (x3)
Sitrus Berries (x2)
Pecha Berries (x3)
Wacan Berries (x3)
Silver Berries (x1)
Black Apricorn (x2)
Blue Apricorn (x1)


KAIKO has earned
Scraggy | Level 6 | 27/27 HP | Net Ball (Neutral)
Black Apricorn (x2)
Blue Apricorn (x1)!

AZU has earned
+2 levels (post 5)
+2 levels (post 7)
+1 level (post 8)
+1 level (post 9)
= +6 levels!

FIYURO has earned
+1 levels (post 2)
+2 levels (post 3)
+2 levels (post 7)
+2 levels (post 8)
= +7 levels!