Hi everyone!

I have a shorter update this week, as I'm heads-down on some important projects!

For when you really need to get back to the homepage...

The "Pokemon URPG" logo in the top-left corner of pokemonurpg.com now redirects you to the homepage! There's not much there, but hopefully you'll find it useful... eventually!

Staff access to InfoHub coming along nicely!

I'm pleased to announce that I've been able to come up with a method to allow users to edit InfoHub pages. Please take a look:

Unfortunately, it may not allow all the features that staff is used to having at their disposal, but it should provide a solid start! Based on my own schedule, I estimate it should take about two weeks to finish and to start granting access.

Tech Team Update

As part of my continued work on InfoHub, I've also had the chance to work with Git, which should provide us with a solid foundation for source control and access control when the tech team officially kicks off. I'll be looking to open the team officially once I've completed the project above. Please stay tuned!

Shout out to K'Sariya!

I wanted to take a moment to recognize K'Sariya, who's been helping with some design edits for the new move hover feature in the UltraDex! While nothing is set in stone yet, please take this example as proof that we can use people with all kinds of skill sets as we expand and improve pokemonurpg.com! I'm a big fan of her design, which looks a lot cleaner than mine! Please take a look and send me any feedback you might have!

Original (left)
Updated (right -- size difference due to my image-cropping skills)


Thanks for reading!