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Thread: Staff Applications: February 2018 + Additional Announcement

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    Default Staff Applications: February 2018 + Additional Announcement

    Hey there, URPG! In the last few months, we have lost quite a few Staff members for varying reasons. Understandably, many of them are simply burnt out after doing so much in the past few weeks to keep URPG aloft. Some of them have also become disenfranchised with the game as a whole given recent shifts in the overall climate. Whatever the reason, we are extremely grateful to all of these former Staff members for all they have done, and look forward to continuing to interact with them on a level outside of Staff. While we are sad to see them all go, we must continue to move forward so we can continue to work towards a bright future future for URPG! I think we all have hope that things will only go up from here, and that some day things will be back to the way they were only a few months ago.

    We will only be opening up General Staff applications for the time being, as this is an early set of applications that are being held to shore-up Staff numbers as well as provide some fresh insight, fresh work-ethic, and fresh perspectives. As usual, they will be open for two weeks. This means members have from now until February 15th at 10pm EST (GMT -5) to apply before applications will close, and Staff deliberation will begin. This will be followed by interviews and promotions.

    Apply here to become a URPG Official!

    With that being said, I do also need to make a personal announcement. As of the end of March, I will be stepping down as a Staff member of the URPG. I will also be relinquishing my role as co-Head Ref (I will also not remain as a League Organizer or a Senior Ref). Assuming all goes smoothly with Staff applications and server transitions, I may even step down before this. URPG has become a very personal stress to me as of late. I have been dedicating hours to it lately, without even playing the actual game. This is totally fine and I was ready to accept that when I took the position, but I also said from the beginning that I have other real-life commitments that are far more important to me. I simply cannot cope with stressing over URPG day-to-day on top of stressing about my life. I apologize if this has any implications on the well-being of URPG as a whole, but I'd like to think I'm not quite that important as an individual. I think the worst of our crisis is over, and from here all that's left to do is rebuild. Staff is currently in the process of thinking of a way(s) to replace the position of Head of URPG altogether. I will not be naming a replacement when I leave. I fully 100% trust every member of my Staff team, and I wouldn't promote anyone else unless I trust them the same (I also wouldn't open applications if I didn't firmly believe there people like this to be promoted). Staff is fully capable of making decisions on a democratic basis. They may even decide to reinstate the position in my absence, but that's entirely up to them. They are working on a system of determining tie-breakers.

    Again, I am sorry for any hurt to URPG that my leaving causes. I don't think my lack of presence will really have any major repercussions, but I am sorry nonetheless that there will be one less person to help with everything that comes up in the future. I look forward to coming back to URPG some day (we all do) to see a community rebuilt and stronger than ever. URPG is in good hands.

    I will remain here in limited capacity to see this round of applications through as well as continue to help in the transition to Elrond's server in any way I can and continue to address any other issues that come up along the way until the end of March at the latest. If you have any questions for me personally, you're welcome to ask me. If you have any questions about Staff applications, you are always more than welcome to come to any Staff member about them. Good luck, everyone!
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    Thank you so much for taking the leadership position when we needed it most. It's a shame you're stepping down even if we know from the start you would. Thank you, Swift.
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