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Thread: Monbrey's Position in URPG

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    Heya, everyone; as a small staff announcement, we're disallowing further responses to Truly in this conversation now that he has stepped away and will not be returning to the conversation. However, please feel free to continue to discuss your own issues regarding the thread's topic. We super appreciate you guys and your input, and we're taking everything into consideration moving forward!

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    As someone who makes a living in a leadership position, I concur that this is probably for the best. Even if the person involved is truly repentant and changed (which it sounds like Monbrey is) there will always be that stain on anything they do, and by extension the entire leadership. This will let the URPG get out from under that and move on forward.

    I also think that this very thread is a great example of real transparency. We don't always need to see the back-and-forth of discussion about what punishment to levy, but letting us know that it has happened and some of the reasoning why is a definite improvement from it's prior state.

    I'm glad that Monbrey is able to stay around as a member, too; people certainly do deserve second chances, and it sounds to me like he's shown that he isn't going to fall back into those old behaviors.

    I know the thread turned a bit acrimonious, but it's on the internet and that's to be expected. I for one would like to thank the Staff for posting it :)
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