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Thread: URPG Awards 2017!

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    Favorite Author: Elysia, Smiles, Ralin
    Best Author: Elysia, Smiles
    Favorite Roleplayer: WalabyX, Smiles
    Best Roleplayer: Smiles
    Best Coordinator: Morru, GrayMagic
    Best Referee:
    Favorite Referee:
    Best Grader: Elysia, Smiles
    Favorite Grader: Elysia, Smiles, Ralin
    Best Ranger:
    Favorite Ranger:
    Best Judge: GrayMagic, Morru
    Favorite Judge: GrayMagic, Morru
    Best Curator:
    Favorite Curator:
    Best Artist:
    Favorite Artist:
    Best Chronicler: Smiles
    Favorite Chronicler: Smiles
    Best Navigator: Liam
    Favorite Navigator: Liam, WalabyX
    Best Battler: Synthesis, Mikey57, Ash K.
    Best Gym Leader: Synthesis, Ash K.
    Favorite URPG Moderator / Official: Elysia, Smiles, Liam, Morru, Mikey57, Fierce Deity
    Coolest Member: Synthesis, Elysia, Ralin, Fierce Deity, Smiles, Mikey57, Morru, Seppe, diamondpearl876
    Funniest Member: Synthesis, Elysia, Fierce Deity, Mikey57, Morru
    Nicest Member: Synthesis, Ralin, Smiles, Fierce Deity, Mikey57, Morru, Liam, diamondpearl876
    Fastest Growing Member: WalabyX
    Most Helpful Member: Ralin, Smiles, Swiftgallade46
    Most Dedicated Member: Swiftgallade46
    Most Intelligent Member: Elysia, Seppe
    Wish You Were Here: Smores, Princess Crow, Fawkes
    Favorite Pokemon: Hoopa
    Favorite Type: Water
    Fondest Memory: :assaultvest:
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    Favorite Author: Smiles
    Best Author: Elysia
    Favorite Roleplayer: FELLYYYY
    Best Roleplayer: CowboyJake was a great one!
    Best Coordinator: Morru?!
    Best Referee: Monbrey !
    Favorite Referee: Xaleeeee
    Best Grader: Ralin <3
    Favorite Grader: OrigamiDragons :3
    Best Ranger: K'Sariyaaaaa
    Favorite Ranger: Mistral/Fellykins
    Best Judge: weir & GrayMagicinsertgammasymbolhere
    Favorite Judge: W32Coravint and diamondpearl94879834
    Favorite Curator: Elrond :whew:
    Best Artist: VeloJeloooooooo
    Favorite Artist: GRANNY EMMA
    Best Chronicler: Smiles RIP ;_;
    Favorite Chronicler: Voltaire Magneton !!!
    Best Navigator: LYCHEEEEE
    Favorite Navigator: dat boi Liam
    Best Battler: Mr. Ash K.
    Best Gym Leader: Synthesissy
    Favorite URPG Moderator / Official: Ebail
    Coolest Member: N I T R O and Zolar my love
    Funniest Member: Morkey57 and Commbutt
    Nicest Member: gonna go with Ralin for dis one and also my favorite Proto :weary:
    Fastest Growing Member: WalabyX go get em boi and also Weasel Bacon !
    Most Helpful Member: Soulmaster
    Most Dedicated Member: Monbrey and Dash !!
    Most Intelligent Member: Elrrrrrroooooonnnnnddddd
    Wish You Were Here: jesus there are way too many but let's try: Ely, Ebail, diamondpearl876, Seppe, Dog of Hellsing (I will vote for her every year), Husnain, BlueTowel, Hannah banana, WinterVines, Johnbdm (you better come back to us, Jonathan, or the BEES will get you !), Bee, Neon, WTP, Siless, JokesterJesse aka my husband, GhostlyGlaceon and DeKreuger
    Favorite Pokemon: Nincada?!
    Favorite Type: Psychic is pretty cool I guess except that lame ugly guy with the kanto gym
    Fondest Memory: that time URPG didnt die (ur welcome, dweebs)

    ALSO honorable mentions to Jacen, Caite-Chan, Ataro, FD, Taither, DR, FABLED, Tazz, Prince Vultan, Rick, Haillys, Zenith Avalon, Magikchicken and many many more I wish I could fit you all in my votes but at least I can fit you all in my heart ;_; I wouldnt clog my arteries with anyone else <3
    My URPG Stats!
    Saffron City Gym Stats!
    Ask me to ref on URPG's Discord Server!

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    Favorite Author: Elysia and Ralin!
    Best Author: Smiles !
    Favorite Roleplayer: Felly!
    Best Roleplayer: K'sariya!
    Best Coordinator: Morru and Gray!
    Best Referee: Xali and Weir!
    Favorite Referee: Morru!
    Best Grader: Smiles!
    Favorite Grader: Smiles!
    Best Ranger: Felly AND K'sa!
    Favorite Ranger: Felly!
    Best Judge: Weir and Morru!
    Favorite Judge: Morru!
    Best Curator: I DONT DO ART SORRY qq
    Favorite Curator: ^
    Best Artist: Sou!
    Favorite Artist: Sou!
    Favorite Chronicler: ^
    Best Navigator: I DONT DO ONMYO YET SOB
    Favorite Navigator: ^
    Best Battler: Gray and Ash!
    Best Gym Leader: Ash!
    Favorite URPG Moderator / Official: Gatta be FD tbh LMFAO, I love everyone and would VOTE everyone but that wouldn't really work :thonk:
    Coolest Member: FD :whew:
    Funniest Member: FD, THE SAVAGE
    Nicest Member: Ralin!
    Fastest Growing Member: Weasel_Bacon and Walaby!
    Most Helpful Member: Magik!
    Most Dedicated Member: Swift and Monbrey!
    Most Intelligent Member: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh probably Ash tbh
    Wish You Were Here: Where do I begin tbh. Ely, Seppe, JohnBDM, Mene, ChumpBa (BE MORE ACTIVE, CHUMP) Maxie, DP, Neon, Jesse, Weir, Ghost and DeKreuger. List probably could go on tbh
    Favorite Pokemon: mBOY STUNFISK
    Favorite Type: B U G S (B E E S)
    Fondest Memory: Creating the Podcast! and URPG not dying ofc :thonk:
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