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Thread: URPG Awards 2017!

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    Favorite Author: Elysia, Smiles, Ralin
    Best Author: Elysia, Smiles
    Favorite Roleplayer: WalabyX, Smiles
    Best Roleplayer: Smiles
    Best Coordinator: Morru, GrayMagic
    Best Referee:
    Favorite Referee:
    Best Grader: Elysia, Smiles
    Favorite Grader: Elysia, Smiles, Ralin
    Best Ranger:
    Favorite Ranger:
    Best Judge: GrayMagic, Morru
    Favorite Judge: GrayMagic, Morru
    Best Curator:
    Favorite Curator:
    Best Artist:
    Favorite Artist:
    Best Chronicler: Smiles
    Favorite Chronicler: Smiles
    Best Navigator: Liam
    Favorite Navigator: Liam, WalabyX
    Best Battler: Synthesis, Mikey57, Ash K.
    Best Gym Leader: Synthesis, Ash K.
    Favorite URPG Moderator / Official: Elysia, Smiles, Liam, Morru, Mikey57, Fierce Deity
    Coolest Member: Synthesis, Elysia, Ralin, Fierce Deity, Smiles, Mikey57, Morru, Seppe, diamondpearl876
    Funniest Member: Synthesis, Elysia, Fierce Deity, Mikey57, Morru
    Nicest Member: Synthesis, Ralin, Smiles, Fierce Deity, Mikey57, Morru, Liam, diamondpearl876
    Fastest Growing Member: WalabyX
    Most Helpful Member: Ralin, Smiles, Swiftgallade46
    Most Dedicated Member: Swiftgallade46
    Most Intelligent Member: Elysia, Seppe
    Wish You Were Here: Smores, Princess Crow, Fawkes
    Favorite Pokemon: Hoopa
    Favorite Type: Water
    Fondest Memory: :assaultvest:
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    [18:11] Nitro: hello
    [18:12] [Ranger Alliance]: (webdragoon1337) knew there was another cool guy in here

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