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Thread: Curator Wages: 12/18/17 - 1/12/18

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    Default Curator Wages: 12/18/17 - 1/12/18

    A big long since the last one, but life continues. Sorry to be so late with these guys! Also, there was discussion on this without an announcement. I was so on and off during the holidays I wasn’t able to check if it was made or not. But for all curations during the month of December and January, there is a bonus wage like there was during 2016. All curation payments will receive a 50% boost. These boosts are not to be added to Legend Trackers.

    Without further ado, onto payments!

    @VeloJello; | $32,000 ( $16,000 to Tracker)

    Last wages bonus: $8,000
    Mistral’s A Stroll Through the Caves - $8,000 + Bonus ($4,000)
    Liam’s Mimikyu Mimic You Pichu - $8,000 + Bonus ($4,000)

    @Mako; | $12,500 ($5,000 to Tracker)

    Last wages bonus: $5,000
    Lychee’s Untitled - $5,000 + Bonus ($2,500)

    small edit: It's been decided that those who grade the sketchbooks get 500 per person they are grading.
    If you are an expert Curator, you may grade these as well, just let me know if you are interested.

    @Sou; | $7,500
    SketchPay Grading (10 grades) - $5000 + Bonus ($2,500)

    Go ahead and post to claim!
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    Claiming~! Thanks, Sou!

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    Claiming. Thank you Sou :')
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