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Thread: Rick, Begginer Capture Quest 2

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    The smart ponyta had somehow goaded her owner into making it all the way to the campsite, and the two had been kind enough to help set up the tent. The girl was grateful, but a little too flustered to be able to hold a conversation well, and Rick seemed more than content to just talk to himself or his ponyta.
    ”Oh my lava-loving magbies! You brought my pack back to me!!” She exclaimed as Rick asked her to confirm her ownership of the pack, and pounced on it, checking everything inside was ok.
    She thanked them over and over, and introduced herself as ‘Yurika’. It turned out the backpack was full of apricorn skinning equipment- and she had another big rolling trolley that seemed full of gadgets, too! Chemicals, tubes, tiny instruments and pieces of glass, as well as less delicate things like hacksaws and hammers. She fiddled with them quietly by litwick-light as Rick and Iris headed to sleep.

    Iris regained full HP!

    Yurika quietly stayed up late, working on various apricorn experiments, and trying not to disturb her helpful guests. When morning finally came, she was fast asleep, her litwick down to a tiny stub on her hand. She would be asleep for quite a few more hours- probably until lunch, but had left a note pinned to the tent door thanking them again, and giving them a way to get in touch with her by Numel-mail if they ever needed some apricorns converted.


    In total, Rick gained;
    1 Yellow Apricorn (can turn into a Nest ball!)
    A Wacan Berry (1 in URPG, 5/5 in Onmyo)
    A Numel, in a net ball! (Chosen retroactively)

    Iris the Ponyta gained;
    1 level (post 1)
    1 level (post 2)
    1 level (post 3)
    1 level (post 4)
    2 level (post 5)
    1 level (post 6)
    2 level (post 7)
    1 level (post 8)
    = 10 levels!
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