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Thread: Evan's Stats

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    Default Evan's Stats

    Start date April 16, 2010
    Current Rank: Trainer, Grader
    Past positions: Ghost Dojo Sensei, Hearthome Gym Leader (pre-reorg)
    Importing from BMG Archive (

    W/L/D 113/105/3 (40 FFA)

    Shiny Stone
    Insect Plate x2
    Spooky Plate
    Cable Link
    Oak's Hoax (+15% to final cap rate in NP)
    Moon Stone
    Spirit Stone
    Razor Fang
    Sky Jewel
    Dusk Stone
    Water Stone
    Fairy Gem
    TM Sandstorm
    Dread Plate
    Leaf Stone
    Story pass from WWC '18
    Pixie stone
    Mega Ring

    TM Protect to trade to Mistral

    Rock Smash


    My roster:

    Legend (m) - Arcanine 8/6/1 (10)
    Ability: Flash Fire/Intimidate
    Moves:Agility, Bite, Crunch, Ember, ExtremeSpeed, Fire Fang, Flame Burst, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Helping Hand, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Outrage, Retaliate, Reversal, Roar, Take Down, Thunder Fang
    EMs: Solarbeam, Hidden Power (Bug), Toxic, Dragon Pulse, Substitute, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Rock Smash

    Dusknoir (f) - 3/9/0 (4)
    Ability: Pressure
    Moves: Astonish, Bind, Confuse Ray, Curse, Disable, Fire Punch, Future Sight, Foresight, Gravity, Hex, Ice Punch, Leer, Mean Look, Night Shade, Payback, Pursuit, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Thunder Punch, Will-O-Wisp
    EMs: Snatch, Sucker Punch, Hidden Power (Psychic), Protect, Trick Room, Toxic, Brick Break, Earthquake, Substitute, Skill Swap, Power Up Punch, Bulldoze, Pain Split, Haze

    Flinch (m) - Jolteon 6/12/2 (4)
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Moves: Agility, Baby-Doll Eyes, Baton Pass, Bite, Charm, Covet, Discharge, Double Kick, Double Edge, Focus Energy, Growl, Helping Hand, Last Resort, Pin Missile, Quick Attack, Refresh, Sand Attack, Swift, Tackle, Tail Whip, Take Down, Thunder, Thunder Fang, Thunder Shock, Thunder Wave, Trump Card
    EMs: Substitute, Magnet Rise, Thunderbolt, Dig, Toxic, Shadow Ball, Rain Dance, Hidden Power (Rock)

    Aran - Gengar (m) 6/5/0 (1)
    Ability: Levitate
    Moves: Confuse Ray, Curse, Dark Pulse, Destiny Bond, Dream Eater, Hex, Hypnosis, Lick, Mean Look, Night Shade, Nightmare, Payback, Shadow Ball, Shadow Punch, Spite, Sucker Punch
    EMs: Shadow Claw, Protect, Taunt, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Haze, Sunny Day, Will-O-Wisp

    Tinker - Golurk (First in URPG!) 6/2/0 (2)
    Abilities: Iron Fist, Klutz, No Guard (B/W)
    Moves: Astonish, Curse, Defense Curl, Dynamic Punch, Earthquake, Focus Punch, Hammer Arm, Heavy Slam, High Horsepower, Iron Defense, Magnitude, Mega Punch, Mud Slap, Night Shade, Phantom Force, Pound, Rollout, Shadow Punch, Stomping Tantrum
    EMs: Protect, Rock Polish, Stone Edge, Rock Smash, Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Hidden Power (psychic)

    Scyther - M 0/0/0 (1)
    Ability: Swarm or Technician
    Moves: Agility, Air Slash, Double Hit, Double Team, False Swipe, Feint, Focus Energy, Fury Cutter, Leer, Night Slash, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Slash, Swords Dance, Vaccuum Wave, Wing Attack, X-Scissor
    EMs: Aerial Ace

    Leah - Lapras (f) 0/3/0 (4)
    Ability: Water Absorb, Shell Armor
    Moves: Body Slam, Brine, Confuse Ray, Growl, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Ice Shard, Mist, Perish Song, Rain Dance, Safeguard, Sheer Cold, Sing, Water Gun, Water Pulse
    EMs: Hail, Surf, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Thunderbolt, Iron Head, Blizzard, Substitute, Rock Smash, Dive, Mimic

    ---Mons audited to here---

    Tyranitar m 3/7/0 (0)
    Normal moves

    Charles (m) - Gastrodon 5/4/0
    Ability: Sticky Hold/Storm Drain
    Mud Bomb, Mud-Slap, Mud Sport, Body Slam, Harden, Hidden Power, Recover, Muddy Water, Rain Dance, Surf, Waterfall, Water Pulse, Hidden Power (GRASS), Dive

    Ferrier (m) - Ludicolo 2/8/0
    Ability: Rain Dish/Swift Swim
    Astonish, Absorb, Energy Ball, Mega Drain, Mist, Fake Out, Fury Swipes, Growl, Natural Gift, Nature Power, Uproar, Zen Headbutt, BubbleBeam, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Surf, Waterfall, Water Sport, Thief, Dive

    Nidoking (M) 3/8/1 (1)
    Ability: Rivalry, Poison Point
    Captivate, Focus Energy, Fury Attack, Horn Attack, Horn Drill, Helping Hand, Thrash, Leer, Peck, Brick Break, Double Kick, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Toxic Spikes, Flatter, Earth Power, Earthquake, Megahorn, Surf

    Swampert (F) 8/9/0 (2)
    Ability: Torrent
    Bide, Endeavor, Foresight, Growl, Protect, Tackle, Take Down, Earthquake, Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, Mud Slap, Mud Sport, Hydro Pump, Muddy Water, Surf, Waterfall, Water Gun, Whirlpool, Ice Beam, Hammer Arm, Dive

    Crobat (M) 6/5/0 (2)
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Astonish, Confuse Ray, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Wing Attack, Mean Look, Protect, Screech, Supersonic, Haze, Leech Life, Bite, Heat Wave, Cross Poison, Poison Fang

    Spiritomb (M) - 1/1/0 (2) OT Ebail, may go back to him someday
    Ability: Pressure
    Moves: Curse, Pursuit, Confuse Ray, Spite, Shadow Sneak, Faint Attack, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Ominous Wind, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot, Memento, Dark Pulse, TMs Hidden Power (Dragon), Calm Mind, Snatch

    Brey - Infernape (f) 10/0/0
    Ability: Blaze
    Facade, Feint, Fury Swipes, Leer, Scratch, Slack Off, Ember, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Flare Blitz, Nasty Plot, Punishment, Taunt, Torment, Close Combat, Mach Punch

    Mismagius (m) - 1/7/0 (0)
    Ability: Levitate
    Spite, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Grudge, Payback, Power Gem, Psybeam, Psywave, Growl, Lucky Chant, Mean Look, Pain Split, Perish Song, Magical Leaf, Spite

    Banette (m) - 4/3/0 (0)
    Ability: Insomnia or Frisk
    Embargo, Faint Attack, Knock Off, Snatch, Sucker Punch, Grudge, Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak, Spite, Will-O-Wisp, Screech, Trick, Curse

    Dragonite (F) - 3/2/0 (6)
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Hyper Beam, Leer, Safeguard, Slam, Wrap, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Outrage, Twister, Agility, ThunderPunch, Thunder Wave, Aqua Tail, Surf, Waterfall, Roost, Wing Attack, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Dive

    Togekiss (m) - 5/4/0 (1)
    Ability: Hustle or Serene Grace
    Baton Pass, Charm, Double Edge, Encore, Follow Me, Growl, Last Resort, Metronome, Safeguard, Sweet Kiss, Tri Attack, Wish, Yawn, AncientPower, Nasty Plot, Magical Leaf

    Aaren - Aggron (m) - 7/4/0 (0)
    Ability: Sturdy or Rock Head
    Double Edge, Harden, Headbutt, Protect, Roar, Tackle, Take Down, Mud Slap, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Metal Burst, Metal Claw, Metal Sound

    Jynx - F 7/2/0 (0)
    Ability: Forewarn or Oblivious
    Avalanche, Blizzard, Powder Snow, Confusion, Psychic, Fake Tears, Copycat, Lucky Chant, Mean Look, Perish Song, Pound, Sing, Sweet Kiss, Lick

    Poliwrath - M 0/10/0 (0)
    Ability: Water Absorb or Damp
    Bubble, BubbleBeam, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Water Gun, Water Sport, Belly Drum, Body Slam, DoubleSlap, Amnesia, Hypnosis, Mud Bomb, Mud Shot, Wake-Up Slap, Dive,

    Machamp - M 10/0/0 (0)
    Ability: Guts or No Guard
    Cross Chop, DynamicPunch, Karate Chop, Low Kick, Revenge, Seismic Toss, Submission, Vital Throw, Wake-Up Slap, Focus Energy, Foresight, Scary Face, Leer

    Gliscor - F 7/0/0 (0)
    Ability: Hyper Cutter or Sand Veil
    Guillotine, Harden, Quick Attack, Screech, Slash, Swords Dance, Poison Sting, Earthquake, Sand Attack, Faint Attack, Knock Off, Fury Cutter, U-Turn, X-Scissor

    Cofagrigus - F 4/3/0 (0)
    Ability: Mummy
    Astonish, Curse, Destiny Bond, Grudge, Hex, Night Shade, Ominous Wind, Shadow Ball, Disable, Mean Look, Protect, Haze, Will-O-Wisp, Guard Split, Power Split

    Ninjask (M) 1/6/0 (0)
    Ability: Compoundeyes
    False Swipe, Fury Swipes, Harden, Mind Reader, Scratch, Dig, Mud Slap, Sand Attack, Leech Life, X-Scissor, Metal Claw

    Shedinja 0/0/0 (0)
    Moves: normal

    Espeon m 0/10/0 (0)
    Moves: normal
    EMs: Hidden Power (Poison)

    Gifted mons:

    F*** Yeah! (M) - Seaking 7/0/0 (0)
    Moves: normal plus Swords Dance, Dive
    OT Magikchicken (winter gift station 2010)

    Blastoise - M 5/5/0 (1) OT Neon
    Ability: Torrent
    Protect, Rapid Spin, Skull Bash, Tackle, Tail Whip, Aqua Tail, Bubble, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Surf, Water Gun, Waterfall, Water Pulse, Withdraw, Bite, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Iron Defense, Brick Break, Dive

    Venusaur - M 11/8/1 (0)
    Ability: Overgrow
    Double Edge, Growl, Growth, Sweet Scent, Tackle, Take Down, Leech Seed, Petal Dance, Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb, Sleep Powder, Solarbeam, Synthesis, Vine Whip, Worry Seed, PoisonPowder
    OT Mubz (winter gift station 2010)

    Rockster - Cloyster (f) 17/7/0 (0)
    Ability: Shell Armor/Skill Link
    Moves: Toxic Spikes, Tackle, Withdraw, Supersonic, Icicle Spear, Protect, Leer, Clamp, Ice Shard, Aurora Beam, Whirlpool, Iron Defense, Brine, Ice Beam, Spikes, Spike Cannon
    Special Moves: TM Poison Jab, TM Hidden Power (Poison) HM Surf, HM Dive
    OT AceTrainer14 (spring gift station 2011)

    Roserade (f) prior battles unknown
    Moves: normal plus Hidden Power (Dragon)
    OT dinobot/Bumblebee (spring gift station 2011)

    Fernando - Empoleon (m) prior battles unknown
    Ability: Torrent
    Moves: normal plus Surf, Waterfall, Agility, Yawn, Dive


    Lairon, hatched from Easter egg
    M 1/8/0 (0)
    Sturdy/Rock Head
    Normal moves plus Rock Smash

    Smokey - Zigzagoon, (M) 0/18/1 (0)
    Ability: Pickup or Gluttony
    Belly Drum, Covet, Flail, Growl, Headbutt, Odor Sleuth, Tackle, Tail Whip, Mud Sport, Sand Attack, Pin Missile, Rest, Fling, Rock Smash, Surf

    Smoochum (f) - 0/6/0 (0)
    Ability: Oblivious/Forewarn
    Moves: normal
    OT Roulette (winter gift station 2010)

    Eevee (f) - 0/4/0 (0)
    Normal moves

    Trade fodder:

    Minnie (F) - Raichu 5/5/0 (0)
    Ability: Static
    Charm, Double Team, Feint, Growl, Quick Attack, Slam, Sweet Kiss, Swift, Tail Whip, Discharge, Magnet Rise, Thunder, ThunderBolt, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Nasty Plot, Agility, Light Screen

    Coordinator stats: 2 wins, 7 losses
    9 Total Contests
    7000 contest credits

    *Leah - Lapras
    Cool: 0/255 Beauty: 102/255 Cute: 37/255 Smart: 0/255 Tough: 0/255
    Luster: 61/255
    Ribbons - Normal Beauty, Normal Cute
    Spent Ribbons - none
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    Default Bookkeeping

    Misc bookkeeping;

    2010 stuff


    April spelunking, green sphere; net loss $500.
    Battle 4/16; Legend lost to Lord Jesseus' Cubone, got $500.
    Purchase 4/16; bought Charcoal for $3000.
    Battle 4/17; Legend lost to Caturdayz' Bronzor, got $500.
    Battle 4/17; Legend won against Anna E's Eevee, got $1000.
    Battle 4/20; Legend won against Ash K's Riolu, got $1000.
    FFA 4/20, KO'd 5/13, got $2000.
    Purchase 4/21; bought Fire Stone for $2000.
    Forum Battle end 4/29; Legend won against Sormeki's Poochyena, got $1000.
    Forum Battle start/end 4/29; Legend won against Dust's Sneasel, got $1000.
    04/29 7th Battle for Growlithe, used Fire Stone to evolve to Arcanine.


    May spelunking, Thunderstone; net loss $500.
    5/4 Blinked; found out FFAs don't count for evolution, Arcanine returned to Growlithe.
    5/4 Recieved response from April quiz; got 9 of 11 correct, won $15k.
    5/4 Shopping Spree, spent $15k on Eevee and TM 22 Solarbeam.
    Forum Battle 5/5, Ferrier lost to Dust's Duskull, got $500.
    Battle 5/8, 2v2 Eevee/Ferrier, lost to Dust's Duskull and Shuppet, got $500.
    Battle 5/8, 2v2 Eevee/Ferrier, lost to Dust's Shuppet and Duskclops, got $500.
    5/8, clarification again, Growlithe is actually still Arcanine. Used TM 22.
    FFA 5/11, Arcanine placed 13th out of 16, got $1500.
    Battle 5/12, Ferrier won against Minuara's Chimchar, got $1000.
    Battle 5/13, Legend won against J-Hawk's Bulbasaur, got $1000.
    Forum Battle, 5/18, Ferrier/Eevee, lost to Derian's Teddiursa and Trapinch, got $500.
    5/18 Lotad evolved into Lombre
    5/18 NWC vote earned $5000.
    FFA 5/19, evanfardreamer with Arcanine ends 18th, and gets $2000.
    5/20, bought 2x TM 50 Substitute, cost $14000.
    5/20 used TM 50 Substitute on Arcanine.
    Forum Battle, 5/24, Eevee won against Slumboo's Cleffa; won $1000.
    Forum Battle, 5/25, Eevee won against Thunder410's Pichu, won $1000.
    Battle, 5/26, Eevee, Lombre, Shellos lost against NeighborhoodGuest's Spinarak and Mothim, got $500.
    Battle, 5/26, Shellos and Flinch lost to NeighborhoodGuest's spinarak and trapinch, got $500.
    5/26 Eevee evolved into Jolteon.
    5/26 used TM 50 Substitute on Jolteon.
    5/27 got $3,500 for voting in NWC.
    5/29, Jolteon got $1000 from FFA; was out 2nd.
    Battle 5/31, Charles beat Dust' Chimchar, won $1000.
    Battle 5/31, Ferrier beat Dust' Chimchar, won $1000.
    Battle 5/31, Charles beat Dust' Chimchar, won $1000.
    Battle 5/31, Ferrier lost to Dust' Monferno, won $500.
    Battle 5/31, Ferrier lost to wergugy's Pupitar, won $500.
    Battle 5/31, Charles lost to wergugy's Ivysaur, won $500.
    Battle 5/31, Charles lost (again) to wergugy's Ivysaur, won $500.
    5/31, bought Lapras and Water Stone, used Water Stone on Ferrier. spent $10,500. Also nabbed a Grader position.


    6/1, digging in underground, got blue sphere. net loss $1500.
    Forum Battle 6/2, Charles won against Ebail's Cranidos, won $1000.
    Forum Battle 6/4, Flinch and Legend won against Cornbread's Pineco and Froslass, won $1000.
    Voted in NWC, got $6000.
    6/6, battle, Charles won against Aron; got $1000.
    6/7, verdict on story, Nidoran M caught.
    6/9, bought Mudkip for $8000. $4000 remains.
    FFA 6/12, got 3rd of 9 in Xali's FFA, got $3000.
    Forum Battle 6/12, Mudkip won against Legendary's Trapinch, got $1000.
    6/13 Mudkip won against blackmaeg's Charmander, won $1000.
    6/13 Mudkip won against blackmaeg's Rattata, won $1000.
    6/13 Mudkip won against blackmaeg's Charmander, won $1000.
    6/14 Bought TM 06 Toxic and TM 44 Rest, taught both to Legend.
    6/14 Mudkip lost against Derian's Seel, got $500, evolved into Marshtomp.
    6/14 Mudkip, Nidoran, Legend won against Pman's Flaafy, Forretress, Alakazam, got $1000.
    6/14 Marshtomp won against Derian's Seel, got $1000.
    6/14 Charles, Flinch, and Legend won against Pman's Ampharos, Forretress, Alakazam, got $1000.
    6/14 Marshtomp lost against Derian's Vibrava, got $500.
    6/14 Got $4000 for voting in NWC.
    6/15 put Lapras and Jolteon in Daycare for Dragon Dance and Magnet Rise respectively. Can take out 6/20, 9am AZ time.
    6/16 Mudkip lost to Bay's Croagunk, got $500.
    6/18 Nidoran won against mubs' Zubat, won $1000.
    6/19 Arcanine out 4th in Stinky's FFA, got $1500.
    6/19 Marshtomp won against Magik's Horsea, got $1000.
    6/19 Bought Moon Stone for $2000.
    6/19 Marshtomp lost against Magik's Seadra, got $500. Marshtomp evolved to Swampert.
    6/19 Nidoran lost to Magik's Seadra, got $500.
    6/19 Nidoran lost to Magik's Seadra, got $500.
    6/19 Nidoran lost to Magik's Seadra, got $500. Nidoran evolved to Nidorino.
    6/19 Nidorino lost to Magik's Seadra, got $500.
    6/20 Took Lapras and Jolteon out of Daycare.
    6/20 Lapras got 3rd in RSE Normal Beauty contest, won $1500 and $500 contest credits.
    6/21 Jolteon got 11th in ST's ffa, got 8k.
    6/22 bought Zubat, Soothe Bell, and TM 13 Ice Beam for 13k.
    6/23 Legend got 3rd Place in Forum FFA, won $26000.
    6/24 Legend and Xeniaph lost to Synthesis and Zeferin, got $500.
    6/25 dropped 27k at mart on toxic, thunderbolt, rain dance, shadow ball, and dig; used all on Jolteon.
    6/26 lost first tourney battle to HITNF, got $1000.


    7/2 Nidorino and Zubat won against rockman0's Turtwig and Buizel, got $1000.
    7/2 Used Ice Beam TM on Swampert.
    7/2 lost second tourney battle to Iraq's Disciples, got $1000.
    7/3 Dug in the Underground, got a Green Shard and traded for Hail TM.
    7/5 lost third tourney battle to E.V.I.L., got $1000.
    7/5 Lapras got 3rd in Pidge's FFA, got $6500.
    7/12 Nidorino and Zubat lost to AceTrainer14's Poliwhirl and Voltorb, got $500.
    7/12 reserved a spot in the contest party for $2000.
    7/12 Jolteon got 7th in ST's FFA, got $10,500.
    7/12 bought Pichu for $5000.
    7/16 Flinch, Nidorino, Lapras and Swampert lost to rockman0, got $500.
    7/16 lost fourth tourney battle to Team Flightless Bird, got $1000.
    7/17 lapras, swampert, gastrodon lost dojo challenge to monbrey, got $1000.
    7/17 Legend, Flinch, Nidorino drew against Monbrey, got $750.
    7/17 used Moon Stone to evolve Nidorino to Nidoking.
    7/17 Flinch got 4th in Summer Event FFA, won $15,000 and simple mon (picked Nincada).
    7/19 bought Chimchar and TM Earthquake, taught Earthquake to Nidoking.
    7/22 Zubat lost to RainbowMoondust's Piplup, got $500.
    7/23 gift station, got Protect from Ebail and Dragon Pulse from Derian. Taught Protect to Zubat, and Dragon Pulse to Legend.
    7/23 put Pichu and Zubat in Day Care for Magnet Rise and Heat Wave, respectively.
    7/26 Arcanine got 6500 from FD's FFA and 1000 from Near's FFA, swampert got 4000 from ST's FFA.
    7/26 realized hadn't used Hail TM from underground, taught to Lapras.
    7/26 Pichu and Zubat lost to InfernoFlames' Teddiursa and Ralts, got $500.
    7/26 Zubat lost to Monbrey's Kabuto, got $500. Evolved into Golbat.
    7/26 Pichu lost to Monbrey's Kabuto, got $500. And again, another $500.
    7/26 Pichu finally won against Monbrey's Kabuto, got $1000.
    7/27 won Tourney Battle against Team Name Pending, got $2000.
    7/28 Jolteon tied against Feng and HKim with brendonop, got $750.
    7/28 Jolteon and brendonop won against nirvash and marco, got $1000.
    7/28 bought Dratini and Togepi for $15000.
    7/28 Brey lost to Wrave's Misdreavus, got $500.
    7/30 bought thunderstone for 2k.


    8/2 deducted $8000 for lottery tickets, entered into refund drawing.
    8/14 Lapras was out 3rd in AIM FFA, got $1000.
    8/16 Brey lost to Miloticgirl's Horsea, got $500.
    8/16 Minnie won against Tyranitex's Piplup, got $1000.
    8/18 Legend placed 4th in tourney contest, got $1000 and 500 contest credits.
    8/19 got Red Sphere digging underground, net loss 1k.
    8/19 Swampert placed 3rd in Tough contest, got $1000 and $500 creds.
    8/21 Bought Soothe Bell for $3000.
    8/21 Got 22,000 for grader wages. Thanks, Nemo and George!
    8/22 Minnie and Togepi lost to Ash K, got $500
    8/22 Bought Shiny Stone and Soothe Bell for $6000.
    8/22 Lost team tourney battle to Haze's team, Flinch earned $1000.
    8/22 Legend placed 14th in FFA, got $1000.
    8/24 Golbat and Dratini beat niteethan, got $1000.
    8/25 Bought HM Surf for 9k. Taught to all eligible Pokemon.
    8/29 Swampert got 7th in Monbrey's FFA, got $2500.
    8/30 Dratini placed 8th in Monbrey's FFA, got $8500.
    8/31 Togepi lost to Kayumi's Togepi by Metronome, got $500.
    8/31 Dratini got $3000 from Near's ffa.


    9/1 got Insect Plate from the Underground for $2,500.
    9/8 Togepi won against Sec's Pidgey, got $1000.
    9/8 Minnie won against Sec's Pidgey, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. Evolved into Raichu.
    9/8 put togepi in daycare for tri attack and nasty plot, 10,000.
    9/8 Golbat won against Sec's pidgey, got $1000. And her pidgeotto, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. Evolved to Crobat, yey!
    9/8 Brey won against Sec's Pidgeotto, got $1000. And again, another $1000.
    9/8 Brey won against Sec's Bellsprout, got $1000. Evolved to Monferno.
    9/8 Monferno won against Sec's bellsprout, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000.
    9/8 Monferno won against Sec's weepinbell, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. Evolved to Infernape.
    9/8 Dratini beat Sec's Weepinbel, got $1000.
    9/8 Dratini got 11th in Monbrey's 15-man ffa, got $2000. Dratini evolved to Dragonair.
    9/9 bought tms for Protect, Hidden Power, and Sleep Talk, used all on Legend.
    9/12 bought Misdreavus and Duskull, picked up Togepi from Daycare.
    9/12 Duskull and Misdreavus lost to Monbrey's Blast and Vire, got $500.
    9/12 Duskull and Misdreavus lost to Monbrey's Omastar and Pert, got $500.
    9/15 Dragonair won against Magik's Gligar and Machop, got $1000.
    9/15 Lost GB Tourney battle to Near, got $1000.
    9/22 placed 4th in GFC contest, got $1000 and 500 contest creds.
    9/22 Misdreavus lost to Magik's Gligar, got $500. And again, $500.
    9/22 Misdreavus won against Magik's Gligar, got $1000.
    9/22 Misdreavus lost to Magik's Gligar, got $500.
    9/22 Misdreavus won against Magik's Gligar, got $1000.
    9/22 Duskull lost to niteethan's Zubat, got $500.
    9/23 Voted in SWC, got $3000.
    9/25 Bought Shuppet for $6500.
    9/26 Took control of the Ghost dojo.
    9/27 Lost 4v4 match to BB. Got $500.
    9/29 Duskull won against Niteethan's Togepi, got $1000.
    9/29 Togepi won against Niteethan's Togepi, got $1000.
    9/29 Dratini placed 4th in Monbrey's FFA, got $7500.


    10/1 went digging, got Insect Plate.
    10/2 Challenger Synthesis defeated my dojo, got $1000.
    10/2 Crobat out 5th in Xali's FFA, got $2000.
    10/6 Defended dojo from Ebail, got $2000.
    10/11 Duskull beat BlackMaeg's Magikarp, got $1000. And again, $1000.
    10/13 Challenger Ebail beat my dojo, got $1000.
    10/15 Got $3000 for voting in SWC.
    10/21 Shuppet beat imsocorn's Baltoy, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000.
    10/21 Togepi lost to imsocorn's Baltoy, got $500. Togepi evolved into Togetic.
    10/25 got $2,600 as grader wages.
    10/25 got $3000 for voting in SWC.
    10/30 bought Toxic x2, HM Waterfall, and Cable Link for 18,500. Toxics went to R Froslass and Duskclops, Waterfall to all available mons.
    10/30 got 3k, Oak's Hoax, and TM Ice Punch from National Park event.


    11/1 went digging, got Moon Stone
    11/2 Wrave beat the ghost dojo, got $1000.
    11/3 bought TMs Brick Break and Focus Blast from the Mart. Focus Blast went to (r) Gengar, Brick Break to Dusclops.
    11/3 RouletteDares defeated the dojo, got $1000.
    11/6 got 8000 from voting in, and moving on in, the SWC.
    11/7 Dusclops and Shuppet lost to Ebail's Stunky, got $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. Shuppet evolved into Banette.
    11/7 Dusclops and Dragonair lost to Ebail's Stunky, got $500. Dusclops evolved into Dusknoir.
    11/8 bought tms Thunderbolt and Earthquake.
    11/10 Dragonair got $3,500 in monbrey's FFA, evolved to Dragonite.
    11/11 taught TM Ice Punch to Dragonite and TM Earthquake to Dusknoir.
    11/14 Monbrey defeated my dojo, got $1000.
    11/14 Mubz defeated my dojo, got $1000.
    11/20 voted in SWC final round, got $8000.
    11/21 defended my dojo against Gliscorman, got $2000.
    11/21 bought TM Thunderbolt x2 and a Zigzagoon, taught Thunderbolt to (r) Gengar.
    11/22 got grader wages of $4600.
    11/23 MTK still hasn't signed back on, Aron was going to trade him went to Neonsands instead for Squirtle.
    11/23 lost Dojo/Gym Tourney to Ataro, got $1000.
    11/24 Gastly story was graded, great success!
    11/25 defended my dojo against Kaiser, got $2000.
    11/25 acetrainer defeated my dojo, got $1000.
    11/25 taught Thunderbolt to Froslass.
    11/28 Dragonite out first in FFA, got $1000.
    11/30 Dust defeated my dojo, got $1000.
    11/30 Bought TM X-Scissor, taught to Nincada.


    12/2 went digging in the underground, got pale sphere. net gain $500.
    12/4 Kai-Mei beat my dojo, got $1000.
    12/5 lost first tourney match to RouletteDares, got $1000.
    12/17 MaverickKaiser beat my dojo, got $1000.
    12/18 Squirtle and Syn lost to Wrave and HiPS, got $500.
    12/18 Squirtle lost to Syn's Eevee, got $500. And again, $500.And again, $500. And again, $500. Evolved into Wartortle.
    12/19 Dusknoir got 11th in monbrey's ffa, got $9000.
    12/24 unsuccessfully challenged Electric dojo, got $1000.
    12/24 put Gengar for Haze and Dusknoir for Sucker Punch into daycare. can pick up 12/29.
    12/24 bought Trick Room and Brick Break from mart, tought Brick Break to Nidoking.
    12/28 Nidoking out 15th in ST's FFA, got $4000.
    12/28 gifted my Insect Plate to Kanga, and was gifted Venusaur by Mubz, Seaking by Magik, Smoochum by Roulette and a Spooky Plate by Coasting Wingull.
    12/30 Gastly won against Monbrey's Cyndaquil, got $1000.
    12/30 Gastly and Aron won against Banditos, got $1000.
    12/30 Gastly and Wartortle won against Banditos, got $1000.
    12/30 Legendary Master defeated my dojo, got $1000.
    12/30 Bought tms Taunt and Hidden Power, taught Taunt to Gengar and Hidden Power to Jolteon.
    12/30 Togetic got 8th in ST's FFA, got $3000.

    2011 stuff


    1/1 went Underground, got Pale Sphere, net gain $500.
    1/1 Gastly and Aron lost to MuddyMudkip, got $500.
    1/1 Gastly and Aron defeated MuddyMudkip, got $1000.
    1/3 Haunter won against Magik's Baltoy, got $1000. And again, $1000.
    1/5 Haunter got 7th in ST's FFA, got $5k.
    1/7 Thunder410 forfeited challenge of Dojo match, got $2000.
    1/8 Alaska had to forfeit challenge of Dojo match, got $2000.
    1/9 Grader wages posted, got $11,000.
    1/14 Got 10th in TE's FFA, got $5000.
    1/15 Bought Snatch, Protect, and Hidden Power from the Mart. taught all to Dusknoir.
    1/15 Haunter lost to Syn's Golbat, got $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. Haunter evo'd to Gengar.
    1/15 Wartortle beat Syn's Golbat, got $1000. And again, $1000.
    1/15 HP Reroll; Arcanines changed to Bug, Gastrodon to Grass, and Jolteon to Rock. cost $9000.
    1/20 Got $4000 for voting in the WWC.
    1/29 Wartortle beat AshK's Clefairy, got $1000. And again, $1000.And again, $1000.
    1/29 Togetic lost to HypernoElixir's Golbat, got $500.
    1/29 Alaska forfeited Violet Gym match to me, got $2000, the Zephyr Badge, and TM Aerial Ace.
    1/29 got $3500 for voting in WWC.
    1/30 participated in census, got $3000.


    2/2 Dragonite got 15th in Monbrey's FFA, got $3000.
    2/6 Went digging in the underground, got Red Shard, redeemed for Sunny Day, taught to Gengar.
    2/6 Voted in WWC, got $4000.
    2/7 Wartortle beat acetrainer14's shelgon, got $1000. Evolved into Blastoise.
    2/20 Lapras out 5th in Neon's FFA, got $2000.
    2/20 bought TMs EQ, Psychic, and HM Rock Smash from mart. taught EQ to Gligar, Psychic to Lapras, and Rock Smash to all eligible.
    2/20 put Lapras into Daycare for Outrage and Iron Head.
    2/20 Blastoise got 2nd in Chain's FFA, got $8000. Best yet!
    2/20 bought TMs Brick Break and Protect, taught Brick Break to Blastoise, will teach Protect to Lapras.
    2/28 defended dojo against Neonsands, got $2000.
    2/28 forfeited forum dojo match to Dr. Stubbsberg, got $1000.


    3/1 went digging in Underground, got Insect Plate.
    3/5 Poliwag lost to Alaska's Skiploom, got $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. Poliwag evolved to Poliwhirl!
    3/5 Togetic won against Alaska's Seedot, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. Evolved into Togekiss by means of Shiny Stone.
    3/5 Zigzagoon tied to Alaska's Seedot, got $750.
    3/5 Zigzagoon lost to Alaska's Nuzleaf, got $500.
    3/13 Aron lost to Ash K's Sneasel, got $500. And again, got $500. And again, $500. Evolved to Lairon.
    3/13 Lairon beat Ash K's Sneasel, got $1000. And again, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000.
    3/13 Taught Aerial Ace to Scyther that was successfully written for.
    3/14 Got 4k for voting in WWC, as well as Hard mon for making it to final round. Claimed Golett. (First in URPG!)
    3/14 Smoochum lost to Dust's Bidoof, got $500. And again, $500.
    3/21 Got 2,500 for voting in WWC.
    3/21 Golett lost to Syn's Magneton, got $500.
    3/21 Golett won against Syn's Magneton, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. Evolved to Golurk.
    3/21 Put Golurk in the Daycare Dream World thingy for No Guard.
    3/21 Bought TMs Ice Beam, Stone Edge, Grass Knot, Rock Polish. Will teach to Golurk.


    4/1 golurk got 13th of 22 in chainy's ffa, made $4500
    4/4 got $2000 for doing Story of the Week twice
    4/4 got $6000 for Grader wages
    4/8 got Sky Jewel from digging underground.
    4/9 bought Hidden Power and Psychic from the Mart, taught to Golurk
    4/9 Golurk got 11th place in ST's FFA, got $4500.
    4/9 ST rolled Golurk's HP, Psychic.
    4/17 Got $1000 from URPG Times for having Nape.
    4/17 Challenged Syn to a gym match, lost, got $1000.
    4/18 Bought a Pokemon egg for $2000. I wonder what's inside?
    4/18 Traded Minnie (Raichu) to Ebail for his Spiritomb
    4/21 Lairon beat Kaiser's pansage, got $1000. Evolved to Aggron.
    4/21 Machop beat Kaiser's Eevee, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. Evolved to Machoke.
    4/21 Machoke beat Kaiser's Eevee, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. Evolved to Machamp.
    4/21 Poliwhirl lost to Kaiser's Pansage, got $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. Used Water Stone and evolved to Poliwrath.
    4/21 Gligar beat Kaiser's Eevee, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000.
    4/21 Smoochum beat Kaiser's Pansage, got $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000. And again, $1000.
    4/21 Bought Yamask, Spirit Stone and Razor Fang from Mart. Evolved Gligar to Gliscor.
    4/21 Yamask won against Xpedential's Shellder, got $1000. Then lost against the Shellder, got $500. Then won again, $1000. Then lost again, $500. Then lost again, $500. Then won again, $1000. Then won again, $1000. Evolved to Cofagrigus.
    4/21 Bought Eevee and TM Protect. Taught to Gengar.
    4/22 Eevee and Zigzagoon lost to Wrave's Cloyster and Huntail, got $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. And again, $500.
    4/22 Bought Hidden Power, taught to Eevee.
    4/23 Got $2k wages for the URPG times.
    4/24 Bought an Easter egg. Hatched an Aron.
    4/24 Zigzagoon lost to Wrave's Tepig, got $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. And again, $500. And again, $500.
    4/24 Bought Larvitar from the Mart.
    4/25 ST rolled Eevee's HP, came up Poison.
    4/25 Took up residence in the Hearthome Gym.
    4/25 Larvitar loses to Wrave's Yamask, got $500. And again, $500.
    4/25 Larvitar Won against Wrave's Zubat, got $1000. And again, $1000.
    4/25 Bought TM Will-O-Wisp from the mart, taught to Gengar.
    4/25 Roulette Dares defeated the Hearthome gym. I got $1000.


    5/4 From the Spring Gift Station, got Cloyster from AceTrainer14, Empoleon from Bryce, Roserade from Bumblebee.
    5/16 got $2000 wages for URPG times.
    5/16 dug up a Dusk Stone from underground.
    5/16 xpedential101 defeated Hearthome Gym, got $1000.
    5/16 got 17th in Chain's FFA, got $1500.
    5/18 MaverickKaiser defeated the Hearthome Gym, got $1000.
    5/24 Got 3500 from Chain's Zombie FFA, placed 6th.


    6/5 got a green sphere from the Underground, net loss $500.
    6/6 bought TM Trick Room, taught to Dusknoir.

    2017 stuff


    10/1 went digging in the underground, got Pearl (net loss 1k)
    12/28 got 15k as 'thank you' for sticking with URPG

    2018 stuff

    1/9 went digging in the Underground, found a big pearl. net gain 5k
    1/9 claimed 1k from urpg times for having Dusknoir
    1/22 got 3k for voting for WWC
    1/30 got 3k for voting in WWC


    2/2 got Yellow Shard and TM Sandstorm for going digging in the Undergrounds
    2/4 got Water Stone from January digs on PXR (delayed roll)
    2/6 got 3k from WWC voting
    2/13 got 3k from WWC voting
    2/19 got 3k from WWC voting and a story pass from voting each round

    3/1 got Dread Plate and Leaf Stone from the undergrounds
    3/2 got 4500 from 6th place in FFA with Dusknoir
    3/2 bought Skill Swap, Substitute, Power Up Punch TMs from mart for Dusknoir
    3/3 Smoochum, Larvitar, Aron lost to Weir's Purrloin, Deino, Oddish. Got 500, Larvitar evolved to Pupitar.
    3/3 Smoochum, Aron, Pupitar won against Mistral's Pichu, Eevee, Zigzagoon. Got 1500.
    3/6 Grader wages of 8250
    3/6 Aron, Nincada, Pupitar won against SinnohEevee's Marill, Sneasel, Eevee. Got 1500.
    3/6 Lapras won a normal Beauty contest judged by Weir. got $1500 and 1500 contest credits. Ash K also ruled that my oldschool 2250 berry credits should be rolled into contest credits.
    3/7 Lapras won a normal Cute contest judged by Juliorain. got $1500 and 1500 contest credits.
    3/7 Nincada, Aron, Pupitar lost against Dekrueger's Magby and Pumpkaboo. Got $500.
    3/8 Arcanine came in 3rd in juliorain's Spring Break FFA. Made $8000.
    3/9 Arcanine came in 2nd in Grey Nine's FFA. Made $5000.
    3/9 bought Blizzard, Substitute from mart for Lapras. Bulldoze, and daycare Pain Split and Haze for Dusknoir. Also HM Dive for everyone who can. Got Mimic from berry store for Lapras.
    3/12 Lapas came in 3rd in normal Cool contest judged by juliorain. Got $500 and 500 contest credits.
    3/12 Lapras came in 3rd in normal Tough contest judged by juliorain. Got $500 and 500 contest credits.
    3/13 Dusknoir came in 4th in juliorain's FFA. made $4500.
    3/14 Lapras came in 4th in super Beauty contest judged by weir. Got 500 contest credits.
    3/15 Nincada, Pupitar, Aron lost to juliorain's Elekid and Grovyle. Got $500.
    3/15 Lapras came in 4th in super Cute contest judged by juliorain. Got 500 contest credits.
    3/15 Arcanine came in 4th in julio's random items FFA. made $4000.
    3/15 Nincada, Smoochum, Aron, Pupitar, Zigzagoon and Eevee lost to Liam's Wimpod, Solosis, Slakoth, Anorith, Yamask, Tyrunt. Got $2500.
    3/16 bought an Eevee, a Pixie Stone, Mega Ring, and Soothe Bell from Pokemart.
    3/16 Smoochum, Nincada, Eevee, Pupitar, Smokey, and Lairon lost to Ralin's Smoochum, Wynaut, Scatterbug, Ekans, Servine, Piloswine. got $2500. Pupitar evolved to Tyranitar.
    3/16 Nincada, Smoochum, Lairon, Zigzagoon, Eevee, Eevee lost to Liam's Wimpod, Solosis, Slakoth, Anorith, Yamask, Tyrunt. Got $2500.
    3/16 Arcanine came in 4th in Grey Nine's FFA, got $3000.
    3/16 Nincada, Smoochum, Lairon, Zigzagoon, Eevee, Eevee lost to Weir's Sliggoo, Shelgon, Growlithe, Cyndaquil. Got $2500. Nincada evolved to Ninjask + Shedinja. Eevee (m) evolved to Espeon.
    3/17 Got an egg from the baby boom of 2018. Wonder what's inside? It doesn't seem close to hatching yet... cost $9500
    3/18 Smoochum, Eevee, Zigzagoon, and Lairon lost to Xali's Feebas, Zigzagoon, and Murkrow. Got $1000.
    3/18 bought TM Protect for $5000 to trade for Mistral's Skull fossil.
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    Default Stories and Goals

    URPG Progress/ Goals - note links are to BMG and will be adjusted

    Completed Stories pre-return:
    A boy and his Growlithe Graded, Lotad caught
    Every rose has its thorns Graded, Nidoran M caught
    Shellos Shocked {NWC '10} Graded, Shellos caught
    A Rivet-ing Tale Graded, Aron x2 caught.
    Twinblade Turnabout {SWC '11} Graded, Scyther caught.
    A Ghost of a Chance Graded, Gastly caught.
    Evan's Master Quest part 1 {WWC '10} Graded, Machop, Poliwag, Gligar caught.
    A Meteoric Tale! Graded, Oddish not caught. Ping Nitro to regrade when rewritten.

    Stories In Progress:
    Battle of the Bulge collab between Bumblebee/dinobot and myself, ping him on Discord and see if still around to finish

    Goal list:
    Gengar, Dusknoir, Banette, Misdreavus need TMing

    Post tracking towards legendaries:
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