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BP #3

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i've got that glitter on my eyes
stockings ripped all up the side
we are who we are​

Round three commenced. Several clones of Greninja surrounded the Ditto. It looked like Weasel was going for the tactic of trying to hit it hard and fast to weaken it. Whether or not it was working was a different story, but it looked like he had a long way to go before this Ditto would be ready for capture. All of the Greninja released a strong, steady stream of water at the Ditto that knocked it to the ground. That was okay though, for the Ditto got back up into the air and launched several Shadow Balls at the Greninja and his clones.

Only three clones stood by the time the onslaught was done, and those three clones formed into one to strike the Ditto and knock it back.

But this Ditto wasn't done yet. It locked eyes with the Greninja, and both of their bodies took on a strange aura for a moment. When the aura was gone, it looked as if Ditto had regained some strength while Greninja lost some. The burn marks on the Greninja's body didn't help matters either. "Pain Split," Aleria commented. "It seems like it's toying with you now."

But that wasn't all. The Ditto blew a thin stream of flames from its mouth that surrounded the Greninja. With each movement the Greninja, whose body was purple from the Ghost type attack he just used, took, the flames would follow. He was trapped in a Fire Spin, and the flames intensified, burning his body and making the already existing burns hurt more.

Trainer: @Weasel_Bacon; - Weasel_Bacon
Available Items: 3 super balls
Used Items: N/A
Location: N/A
Encounters Remaining: 3
Encounter List: Seaking, Ditto
MCR: 5248/25000
Captures: N/A

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS the Decidueye | Male | Overgrowth | Bold | EMs: N/A | 100%

Kermit the Greninja | Male | Protean | Brave | EMs: N/A | 100%
Kermit the Greninja | Male | Protean | Brave
Double Team, Hydro Pump, Shadow Sneak
45% [Burned] [Trapped by Fire Spin]


Ditto | ??? | Imposter | ???
Shadow Ball, Pain Split, Fire Spin
52% [Taken the shape of Aleria's Chandelure]