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Thread: [JAN] New Year, New You

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    Default [JAN] New Year, New You

    Goodness, wasn't able to get it exactly as I wanted, but I am pretty proud of that sky.


    This is for the secret santa event.

    Capture: Zorua
    Rank: Complex [reduced to Hard]
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    This is cute. If you don't catch (which you probably will with a Hard), I have some ideas you could use to touch it up.
    Actually I guess that just comes off as passive aggressive, or like I know better than you-- so I'll just say them instead of being mysterious:

    Pay attention to line weight, specifically things like where the lines in the hair end. A tapered line there will look good.
    Perspective. The railing is what jumped out at me at first, it's kind of small (everybody would fall off!) and the perspective is weird-- but a better thing to focus on is the tile rooftop. You've got square tiles, so perspective is really easy to see. The more-or-less straight on view of the group clashes with the kind of 80-degree aerial view (looks like we're looking down at the floor from slightly higher than a 3/4 angle). If you make the floor a more perpendicular shot, it will also fill less of the frame, which means you can install some much taller, much safer railing, without cutting into your lovely starry background. Your shadows, IMO look fine.
    Lastly, you could consider going back to rearrange the face of the Zorua on the left. The muzzle doesn't seem to have any bearing on the rest of the face. It reminds me of the style from Peppa Pig, but I don't believe that was your intent. To quickly "fix" this, skew the mouth so it is a hole in the bottom of the snout, not the side (however, Zorua canonically has a very floaty mouth, so it's not inaccurate as-is), pull the nose a little further downstage, and widen the eyes slightly.

    Not that you need my help-- it's for Secret Santa, so you were on a time limit. And Smiles probably already graded it. It looks good and fine, and I'm expecting this to have been a capture, but I thought I'd share my thoughts.

    you've actually done the thing with the lines in the "60% off" submission. Some of the lines in the hair (like in the bangs/fringe) narrow as they change direction or come to an end, but then other lines like in the ponytail don't. *shrug*
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