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Thread: Freyr, Beginner Capture Quest (Liam)

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    Default Freyr, Beginner Capture Quest (Liam)

    Morning caught the Storm Kua like a sudden wildfire, rays that should have been hidden behind a blanket of thick clouds piercing down to earth like a lance and igniting the land with bright gold rays. To Freyr, with the mud of his family’s farm still clinging to his heel, this must have seemed like a benevolent omen - one of the few sunrises that could be seen in the Storm Kua, shining down upon him so soon after he’d made his way off the mountain where he’d felt so confined. It only lasted a few moments before the clouds swallowed up the sun again, but it was enough to signify the coming of a new dawn.

    It was certainly a momentous occasion. Climbing down mountains in the Storm Kua, even small ones, was no mean feat given the storms that continuously slammed the Kua. Fortunately, the Ĺskars hadn’t exactly lived an isolated lifestyle. A few safer pathways led to and from other farms, extraneous pastures for the Mareep - and even the capital city, the sprawling Yongkai.

    This was, of course, not the path that Freyr had taken. Freedom and adventure weren’t waiting in a city full of merchants, cutpurse thieves, and pointlessly-deified royalty. Freyr’s path had led him down to a patch of rugged terrain, where the soil had been eroded away by constant rain, leaving behind only stone and a few plants that looked already half-dead. It wasn’t a beautiful place on its own, to be sure, but the view was remarkable. Snow-capped mountains, higher than Freyr had ventured, rose in the distance; below the bluff, valleys lay lush and strikingly green. It made the wide gray bluff seem puny by comparison.

    The silence here was almost impenetrable, broken only by the sounds Freyr made. However, it wasn’t long before he heard something new - not the familiar drone of Mareep’s bleating voices or stamping hooves, but rather the scraping of branches against branches. A patch where a particularly stubborn bunch of shrubs still grew was shaking violently, as though something alive was inside, quaking with anticipation. As Freyr watched, a little red orb fell out of the bush - an Apricorn, surprisingly fresh given the state of the other flora.

    Encounter Stats
    None, yet!

    Team Stats
    Raikazhao/Eevee/Male/Level 5 - 25/25 HP (Discipline)
    Hidden Power Grass, Yawn, Celebrate, Reflect, Heal Bell, Wish, Protect, Shadow Ball, Mimic.

    Sinhar Aja/Treecko/Male/Level 1 - 12/12 HP (Discipline)
    EMs: Hidden Power Electric, Acrobatics, Grasswhistle.

    Quick Balls (3x)
    Lum Berries (10x)
    Sitrus Berries (5x)
    Enigma Berries (5x)
    Passho Berries (5x)
    Kasib Berries (5x)
    Rindo Berries (5x)
    Wacan Berries (10x)
    Keiba Berries (5x)
    Colbur Berries (5x)
    Roseli Berries (5x)
    Shuca Berries (5x)
    Chilan Berries (5x)
    Haban Berries (5x)
    Charti Berries (5x)

    5 for drop - dropped a Red Apricorn!

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    Tck Tck Tck

    Freyr's right side of his face winced every time the tattoo artist hammered her needle into his left arm. As many times as he had visited Shay and her hut halfway down the mountain, and as stoic as he tries to be, Freyr can never sit completely still as she chisels her magnum opi into his skin.

    "Does this mean I'll never see you again?" Shay asked, wiping sweat off her brow as it attempted to pool around her goggles.

    "Potentially," Freyr responded, not looking her in the eye. He pretended to be enraptured by other thoughts to keep him from the pain, when in reality, he didn't want to make himself vulnerable by her piercing eyes. They were a soft green with misty blue speckles, almond shaped, and lined with black lashes. If eyes were the window to a person's soul, Shay's was the most pure and beautiful Freyr had known.

    But his path was set. The early hours of the day had sprung, and he needed to be far away before his family woke to his absence.

    Shay finished the touch-up, wiped the inky residue away from Freyr's bicep, and sat with a sigh of relief.

    "So where will you go?" Shay asked, scratching her course, bushy hair and leaving streaks of ink in the few braids that accented it.

    Freyr tossed her a few gold coins with the royal house's insignia on them as he casually responded, "the less you know, the better I'd think." He looked around the straw and wood plank hut and met his Eevee's eyes.

    Raikazhao, a quick and clever Eevee his family had bred for him when he was younger, casted Freyr a worried look. Freyr felt guilty for distancing himself with Shay; Zhao's eyes said so much with just a reflective glance.

    "We've been friends for a long time, Shay," Freyr added, breaking his silence, "my family will come and ask you questions. Lie to them and say I told you I was going to the Forge Kua. They'll think I'll be attempting to meet up with my uncle in the Valley."

    Freyr looked over to Shay, who slouched in her chair, relaxing extensively. An ornate pipe sat burning plants next to her on a cluttered table. She picked it up and took some large puffs of smoke, filling the air with a charcoal like smell that was caustic, yet enticing.

    "Lying cost extra," Shay sneered. Freyr looked back at Zhao instantly to give him a stern look. Zhao, however, had suddenly found something very interesting elsewhere and avoided Freyr's glance. Freyr sighed and reached into the silky, arm hole-turned pocket of his kimono, reaching over himself with his right hand as his left arm radiated with pain. Managing to find a loose coin, he flicked it toward Shay, who caught it quickly like a Carnivine snatching an insect out from the air.

    "It was good seeing ya, Canvas," Shay huffed through the smoke.

    "Likewise, Needle," Freyr replied as he opened the hut and left.

    Rejoining the path that led down the mountain, with Zhao at his side, Freyr dug through his pocket to find the outlining of the Dusk Ball his uncle had sent him. After a minute of searching awkwardly with his right hand, he felt the outline of the patterned Pokeball.

    He stopped, bent down, and let out his newest Pokemon: a Treecko. The green lizard Pokemon blinked and rubbed his eyes-- Freyr had woken up the grass Pokemon as the sun began to break on the horizon.

    "Come here, Sin," Freyr said as he held out his right arm for the Treecko to climb. Zhao yipped quietly in excitement to see his newest companion. Sinhar Aja, looked up solemnly at Freyr, his glacier blue eyes, lightning struck hair, and sharp, yet amicable demeanor gave Sin confidence in his new owner. He grasped Freyr's hand and ran up and around his arm, coming to rest on Freyr's right shoulder.

    Freyr smiled at the little lizard's nuanced naďvety as Sin looked around their surroundings. Freyr could imagine the Storm Kua and its many pillar-like green mountains, misted by almost constant storm clouds, would be different than the thicketed forests of the Valley Kua. It could also just be natural curiosity as Sin was fairly young at only one level.

    Continuing down the mountain, in sort of a hurry too now the day had broken, Freyr found himself on a rougher patch. The padding underneath his wrapped feet were doing their job of protecting him from injuries, but Freyr wondered how long they would last him and when and where he might get new ones.

    Zhao and Sin, however, were awestruck by the magnificent rays the sun poured down onto the mountainous surroundings. Freyr took notice of them and saw the anomaly too.

    "Don't get used to that sight," Freyr said to Sin, "it's rare for the sun to pierce the storm clouds with its light so vividly." Sin nodded while keeping an opened mouth and wide eyes on the scenery. Zhao tried to as well, but was following Freyr by his side down the rocky path and needed to see where he was going as stones poked through the ground frequently.

    Soon, Freyr found himself in a particularly quiet moment. No distant waterfalls, or rivers, no birds singing to each other, no bleatings from waking Mareep or calls from his family-- no. It was silent except for the air that breezed in between the mountains. Freyr stopped to take in the moment, but it was disrupted quickly by the rustling of something in a bush nearby.

    Zhao hopped forward, getting into a wide stance as he softly growled. Freyr walked over behind Zhao, not wanting him to get himself into trouble or harms way this soon into their journey. Cautiously, Freyr sat Sin down behind Zhao as he approached the bush to investigate-- was it an animal? a Pokemon reading itself to pounce? an injured creature in need? the wind?? Freyr took some time to reach out and part the leaves, leaning in on his right side and blocking his Pokemon from the bush; he braced himself to be attacked, readying for the worse.

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