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Thread: Grader Wages 12/1 - 1/5

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    Default Grader Wages 12/1 - 1/5

    TAKE IT A L L <3

    +50% creative section wages bonus is here until the end of February!! <3 EXCELLENT job on this round of wages everyone, and let's keep it up for Secret Santa and WWC stories rolling in! I very much hope to see you all enter WWC, too!

    EDIT: my apologies for not clarifying this earlier, but the bonus does not go towards legendary tracker!

    @Ralin; $45,500 + 50% = $68,250

    Weasel Bacon's Bizarre Adventures Ch. 1 // Strong Moderate // 7,700
    Monarchy I // Complex // 14,400
    saffron gods {i. lobera} // Strong Complex // 23,400

    Your grades have grown so so so much in such a short time! I love how nowadays you focus a lot on themes: what was the author trying to convey with their story, and how did they accomplish it through not just plot but also literary devices? You're also doing an exceptional job at grabbing onto the importance of little nuances - the point in Ely's grade where you advise her to try cutting dialogue off or doing the -'s thing in the middle is so powerful and so neat in trying to help craft an even more realistic dialogue. And you're doing all of this while going back and re-reading peoples' past stories, in both Luck and Ely's case here. Ironically I don't have advice for you moving forward lol, just keep feeling it out and doing what you're doing! AMAZING work!

    @Magikchicken; $31,700 + 50% = $47,550

    it's a long way back to eden, sweetheart (Ch i, WWC) // Strong Moderate // 11,550 + 1k WWC
    it's a long way back to eden, sweetheart (Ch. ii) // Complex // 12,000
    Roar of the Divine (Onmyo, 4x) // Moderate // 7,150

    Great set of grades here! I thought the first one had a strong critical analysis for sentence structure and overall the power of word placement, but I disagree personally on the follow-up of this analysis on the word 'before' in the next chapter. Personally I think the word made sense as it was; it shows that the main character was stripped of their literal flight and then mocked ceaselessly to then take off another layer of their volition and agency. However, disagreements aside, the grade overall was holistic and comprehensive! Great job with the following grade as well!

    Smiles $23,850 + 50% = $35,775

    Because You Were There (Name) // Strong Moderate // 7,700
    WBBA Ch. 2 // Moderate // 6,000
    The Swinub to Piece the Heavens! // Moderate // 7,150
    Water Mart // Regrade // 3k

    thank you Ralin and Elrond for assessing these <3
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    claiming! Thanks so much!!
    "Take Care of Yourself"

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    Claiming~! Thanks Smiles, and thanks @Origamidragons for writing some very very neat stories for me to grade :D

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