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Thread: Ultra Wormhole RP: Rick

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    Roswell's claws laid hold of one of the green threads and the world turned weightless and blindingly bright. For a moment there’s nothing but light like a fire. A moment later, the world comes back into focus, with Rick and Margo and their herd of Pokemon being pieced back together into an entirely new place.

    New, but not completely alien like the Meowstic or Scizor’s habitats - though after Scizor’s world of steel and circuitry, being surrounded by greenery again feels almost foreign. And under the burning brightness of a setting sun, this place is green. The only breaks in the splashes of green are huge flowers alternating between eyeburning neon and soft pastels. Clumps of lilies so huge that they look unreal flash white against giant red-gold blossoms of a species Margo has never seen before, which in turn sit next to marigolds that gleam like embers in the sun. The Trainers and Pokemon have had the good fortune to be warped in on a path well-trodden by footsteps of many kinds; the grass, flower stems, and shrubbery surrounding them would probably be impassable without harming the plants.

    “This is amazing,” Margo murmured. Roswell hummed agreement and pushed upward, folding their legs in and going into a hover so that they didn’t step on the grass. She then looked down at the path, which seemed to proceed infinitely into the horizon. Her first glance had been right - the footprints on the path were made by many kinds of Pokemon. Not even an experienced Ranger could make sense of them. She did recognize one set of tracks, however; the somewhat-recent swishing trail of a huge Pokemon that had scraped away the earth, coupled with fin-shaped imprints on other side. Had… had a Walrein been through these gardens recently? Margo looked up again, and didn’t see any Pokemon right away. Where was everybody?

    Fire, true fire this time, flared abruptly above one of the bushes. An eerily-familiar shape reared its horned head above the shrubbery and then began to approach, the flames that trailed down its back and rump flickering every which way but never harming the flora. Hooves hard as diamonds clopped down the path, slowly and clumsily at first, but then more surely as the Pokemon grew used to stretching these long, powerful legs. Margo did a double-take to the Rapidash standing beside Rick and looking warily but curiously at the approaching Pokemon.

    It was no wonder Iris was curious. The Pokemon she was staring at was a near-perfect copy of herself; the only difference was that the impostor in front of her had beady black eyes and a wide, dopey grin. The highly-distinctive face of a Ditto.

    Trainer Stats
    Name: Rick.
    Location: A beautiful garden of flowers at sundown. There is a Ditto in front of Rick and crew, transformed to match Iris.
    Items: Park Ball (x2), Super Ball (x2), Hyper Ball (x2), Energy Powder (x2), Revival Herb (x1).
    Encounters Remaining: 0/5
    Pokemon Encountered:
    Meowstic/Male/??? Nature
    Meditite/Male/??? Nature
    Archeops/???/??? Nature
    Scizor/Male/Serious Nature
    Ditto/G/???/??? Nature.
    Pokemon Captured: Scizor/Male/Serious Nature.
    Character Count: 1,262/25,000

    Pokemon Stats
    Iris/Rapidash/F/Flame Body/Hardy/73%
    Moves: Ally Switch, Attract, Baton Pass, Bide, Body Slam, Captivate, Charm, Confide, Curse, Double Kick, Double-Edge, Double Team, Drill Run, Echoed Voice, Endure, Façade, Flamethrower, Giga Impact, Heat Wave, Hidden Power Electric, High Horsepower, Horn Drill, Hyper Beam, Hypnosis, Incinerate, Iron Tail, Low Kick, Mimic, Morning Sun, Natural Gift, Overheat, Pay Day, Protect, Rage, Reflect, Rest, Return, Round, Secret Power, Skull Bash, Sleep Talk, Smart Strike, Snore, Solar Beam, Strength, Substitute, Sunny Day, Swagger, Swift, Thrash, Throat Chop, Toxic, Wild Charge, Will-O-Wisp.

    Zephir/Leafeon/M/Leaf Guard/Mild/57%
    EMs: Attract, Bullet Seed, Captivate, Celebrate, Confide, Fake Tears, Grass Knot, Growth, Heal Bell, Iron Tail, Knock Off, Mimic, Natural Gift, Protect, Reflect, Rest, Roar, Secret Power, Strength, Substitute, Tickle, Wish, Worry Seed, X-Scissor, Yawn.

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    As one of the Metagross' claws touched the green thread, and after a brief, blinding flash, we were warped into a huge grassy field. It actually looked pretty natural, without anything out of the norm compared to Earth. I heard Margo mumbling in admiration for the scene. Verdant plains, clear sky, and the Sun shining bright. It also happened to be my favorite kind of place. Iris just looked around, then lowered her head to start grazing. "Yeah, she also finds it amazing... but for different reasons..." - I muttered. Her sudden drop also led to Zephir rolling down her neck and into the grass while he was distracted. "Right, you better stay on my shoulder, 'cause it's gonna be a pain to find you in the middle of all this plants." - I told him while I grabbed and put him on my shoulder. There were no pokémon on sight, pretty much like every other area we had been. There were footprints of quite a few pokémon at least, even though many of them didn't really make sense for the type of biome we were in. Then after a while, a fire erupted from amongst the vegetation, which... after certain past events, it has been a motive of awareness to me. "Alright, that one wasn't my fault! It ignited about 50 meters away from us." - I said to the ranger while pointing at the flames. Although after a more attentive look, it actually started looking a bit more familiar, especially since it didn't seem to be catching on any of the vegetation around it. In fact it got to a point where I even looked back to see if Iris was still in the same spot. "Huh, now that is interesting." - I muttered. "Girl, come here for a second, please." - I called to Iris, which quickly raised her head. "What are the odds of finding one of your own in a place like this?" - I said to her.

    Up to that point, I actually had a grin on my face. I thought this was probably gonna be fun... that was until the Rapidash - or what it looked like one - raised its head above the grass... then my enthusiasm ran away. "Oh, no... that's stuff of nightmares right there." - I commented while covering my face with a hand. The copy was actually pretty good, but those tiny eyes coupled with a dopey mouth always turn an otherwise perfect transformation into an absolute mess. It simply doesn't look right...
    Iris was atentively staring at the Ditto, with her ears pointed at it, but she didn't move a muscle. Which is a kind of behavior she usually doesn't show. Normally she starts acting aggressively when things start getting into a certain distance. "In case you're wondering: no, it's not your parent, it's a Ditto. Unless you really think I'd call you Iris if you had eyes like those" - I told her as I gestured towards the doppelgänger. "It's unbelievable that even Dittos from Ultra Space still can't copy a face decently..." - I added with a head shake. And I wasn't even getting into the clumsy walk part. It looked like a Ponyta that had just been born 5 minutes ago... which, to be fair, was probably around the time it transformed, so at least it had an excuse on that department...

    Iris rolled an eye towards me, and I gave her a side glance, too. "Don't look at me. If you wanna play with yourself while Ultra Space doesn't have enough of us, be my guest... though I honestly think you'd prefer to measure strengths with a real one rather than a loathsome copy." - I told her. She ended up deciding to go ahead to face off the Ditto. "Oh, just one little thing. If you could do all that fancy stuff without relying on fire, 'cause there's no point in that in the first place, I'd appreciate it." - I said, as she turned back to me for a bit. "This might be Ultra Space, but I'd like not having to deal with another wildfire like the one we had on our first run." - I added. She turned to the Ditto again, adopting a fighting stance and pawing the ground. She also started making a few head swings, which were irrelevant in this situation... "Umm... also a reminder that it's a Ditto, not an actual Rapidash. So it doesn't know horse. You can skip those challenging poses." - I said. Zephir by now had dropped down from my shoulder and layed down on the soil to do one of his specialties... napping... A few seconds later, Iris bolted towards the Ditto in a sudden burst of speed, then reared up to jab the opponent with her front hooves in quick succession.

    (Word count: 811)
    (Character count: 4344)

    HP: 73%

    Quick Attack → Double Kick

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