"B"P 3 - Ranger Margo Sterling.
Meditite looked on with rapt attention as Rick spoke. As he mentioned being able to put his leg behind his neck - or at least, that was what Margo thought he was talking about; her exercise routine consisted of hiking, hiking, and more hiking rather than any sort of flexibility or strength - the little fighter all but gaped. His eyes flashed blue for a brief moment; behind Margo and Rick, there was a flash of the same light followed by the sound of something slamming. Sure enough, when Margo turned back, the door had been closed, cutting them off temporarily from Ultra Space. Meditite then turned toward Rick, ignoring Iris altogether. “Medi!” he cried, “Medi-meditite!”

“Something tells me,” Margo said, grinning at the way Meditite curled his hands into fists, his face overtly eager, “that he wants to see your moves.”

At the suggestion, Meditite nodded. He then retreated to the center of the room and sat down, stretching one blue leg out, then back, then right behind his head. Still maintaining this mind-boggling posture, he gave Rick a thumbs-up, then patted the dojo floor right next to himself.

Margo couldn’t notice that Iris looked a little bit disappointed and had to resist the urge to pat the poor Rapidash. The wild Pokemon they’d encountered so far were either disinterested in battles, or outright rude. But hey, maybe this could be a nice little break from the weirdness of Ultra Space. The dojo was comfortable enough, and for the moment, Meditite seemed more interested in learning and teaching than he was in fighting.

“Given what you said, this might be redundant, but I’d recommend indulging this guy,” Margo said. “We did just barge into his dojo, and I think you’d be the better training partner between the two of us or our Pokemon.” She chuckled, pretty sure that her pudge would get that particular point across. “Do your best! Just don’t be surprised if a human can’t keep up for very long. Meditite are really, really serious about their training.”

Encounter Stats
Iris/Rapidash/F/Flame Body/Hardy - 93% HP.
Meditite/M/???/??? Nature - 100% HP. Used Psychic on the door.

Trainer Stats
Name: Rick.
Location: Some sort of log-cabin dojo. Blizzard-level conditions are visible outside. The door to the Ultra Wormhole portal has been shut.
Items: Park Ball (x2), Super Ball (x2), Hyper Ball (x2), Energy Powder (x3), Revival Herb (x1).
Encounters Remaining: 3/5
Pokemon Encountered: Meowstic/Male/??? Nature
Meditite/Male/??? Nature
Pokemon Captured: ???
Character Count:

Pokemon Stats
Iris/Rapidash/F/Flame Body/Hardy/93%
Moves: Ally Switch, Attract, Baton Pass, Bide, Body Slam, Captivate, Charm, Confide, Curse, Double Kick, Double-Edge, Double Team, Drill Run, Echoed Voice, Endure, Façade, Flamethrower, Giga Impact, Heat Wave, Hidden Power Electric, High Horsepower, Horn Drill, Hyper Beam, Hypnosis, Incinerate, Iron Tail, Low Kick, Mimic, Morning Sun, Natural Gift, Overheat, Pay Day, Protect, Rage, Reflect, Rest, Return, Round, Secret Power, Skull Bash, Sleep Talk, Smart Strike, Snore, Solar Beam, Strength, Substitute, Sunny Day, Swagger, Swift, Thrash, Throat Chop, Toxic, Wild Charge, Will-O-Wisp.

Zephir/Leafeon/M/Leaf Guard/Mild/100%
EMs: Attract, Bullet Seed, Captivate, Celebrate, Confide, Fake Tears, Grass Knot, Growth, Heal Bell, Iron Tail, Knock Off, Mimic, Natural Gift, Protect, Reflect, Rest, Roar, Secret Power, Strength, Substitute, Tickle, Wish, Worry Seed, X-Scissor, Yawn.