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Thread: Music of the series

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    Default Music of the series

    Is there any music from the games that you find to be memorable or amazing in your opinion?

    One of my favorite tracks would be Giratina's theme, but recently I'm also fond of the Ultra Recon Squad battle music from USM:

    As for any memorable music it would probably be any track from the original games RBY or from GSC, though any one track from any game can be memorable, so I guess that would be difficult for me to pick just a few.

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    Oh gosh. Pokemon music seems to get better with each game, but Sun and Moon + Battle Revolution's soundtracks are currently my all-time favorites.

    Pretty much every colosseum theme in Battle Revolution is great, but a special mention goes to Neon, Sunset, Courtyard. As far as SM/USUM go... this post would get pretty lengthy if I tried to list all of the tracks that I adore. So if I had to pick just a few of the ones that stood out to me the most, then the themes of the battles against Motherbeast Lusamine, the Champion/title defense, Necrozma, Team Skull/Guzma, and the Ultra Recon Squad would be my top picks. A few of the overworld themes are pretty good, too, like Ultra Plant and both variations of Konikoni City.
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