After their mini adventure in Kang town, on the suburban outskirts of Forges mighty city and mighty volcano, Rick and Iris had gained a new buddy- A Houndour! time would tell whether or not he would be a helpful addition to the team. He may have been unruly at first, but the nature of how he was caught would make the new Houndour a fairly disciplined type. All that was left now was to give him a nickname!

Rick and Iris worked together to solve some pokemon problems- and some more human problems too! Eliza Macmahon had started out really mean, but then ended up giving the duo some antidote (and accidental vase juice, haha!).They might have made their first friend along their way in their Onmyo pokemon journey.

Moving forwards, there were many paths the duo- oh, now a trio- could take! There were many other suburban towns, exploring the capital was always an option, as was the dangerous volcano edges and slopes, and more mellow fertile lands which sloped down towards Valley Kua. Who knows what fun adventures they might have next!


In total, Rick gained:
Houndour: level 1, 1/12HP

Iris gained:
1 level (post 1)
2 levels (post 2)
1 level (post 3)
2 levels (post 5)
1 level (post 6)
2 levels (post 7)
1 level (post 8&9)
= 10 levels!