The grey stone wall dropped off quite a distance, and the gutters from the city jutted out over a forest. Streams of water cascaded from the gutters and splashed into interconnected, fast flowing rivers which cut into the rock and disappeared down crevasses the same wet grey colour as the stone walls. It was as if the city was some kind of odd water feature, directing all that rain out from itself. It wouldn’t be far to the coast from here, where there were ferries taking people the short distance to the edge of Forge, and it also wouldn’t be too difficult to circle around the outer wall and face towards the sun-dried Plains.

Getting down from the wall could prove problematic, but luckily- or perhaps unluckily for Lilith, the city was just about to give her the answer. Or, rather, the answer was about to blow up in her face.
You see, what better pokemon to guard city walls than ones which look as boring as floating spheres?
Right next to where Lilith had pulled herself up, a Voltorb had been stationed. They were at intervals along the top of the wall- not seeming to mind the rain, not seeming to need food, looking to all the world like hovering decorative spheres.

Spheres…which blew themselves up when startled.

As you might be able to guess, this Voltorb was HIGHLY disturbed. It was also completely untrained- young, small, frightened, trainerless, and unable to remember its instructions for what to do in an incident. It rattled from side to side in increasing vibrations. A high pitched whine began to ring out from it, going up in pitch.
Then suddenly, the ball was completely silent and still.

The Voltorb used Self-Destruct!

With a shower of light and crash of energy, a great force flew out from the tiny voltorb, blowing Lilith and Damascus clear of the wall and out over the forest.
The sound of branches breaking, leaves falling, a ringing in the ears, adrenalin, pain, and a rapid descent was all the little party probably felt before there was the almighty crash of water, and bubbly silence for a few seconds. But breaking the surface of the river again took only a few seconds.
There was a scorch mark on the top of the wall, and Lilith would probably find herself up to her waist in a fast moving stream, surrounded by broken tree branches, and covered in bruises. That said, all her things and pokemon were intact, and now,
she was free.


In total, Lilith gained;
A Chesto berry (1 in URPG, 5/5 in Onmyo)
A Salac berry (1 in URPG, 4/5 in Onmyo)
1 Red Apricorn (can turn into a Quick Ball!)
Sunspot the Helioptile, level 2, 15/15HP, in a Quick Ball (giving it a disciplined nature), holding a Salac berry.

Damascus the Pawniard gained;
1 level (post 2)
2 level (post 3)
1 level (post 4)
2 level (post 5)
1 level (post 6 & 7)
1 level (post 10)
= 8 Levels!