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Thread: PWN & the URPG

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    Default PWN & the URPG

    PWN is excited to announce that it will continue to support the URPG in any and all ways it can as a host forum!

    The last couple of weeks have been an enlightening process for all of us. As the admin of PWN, I can share that it’s been a harrowing and stressful experience watching everything unfurl recently. A small forum community is shaken up much more by an event like this than a bigger community, and because URPG is such a huge part of PWN, we had serious decisions to make.

    However, it became clear to all of us as PWN staff that the URPG is growing, recovering, and rebuilding better and stronger than ever before. We watched the outpouring of apologies, the returning of veteran players to the game to support it, and the resounding resolve this community continues to generate. We are excited for our shared future with the URPG, and grateful always for our relationship.

    If there’s anything PWN can do to bolster the URPG’s health and growth, please never hesitate to let us know! What part of this process revealed is how extremely helpful an objective third party is to URPG events and assessments, so please know that our PWN staff who aren’t URPG members are also always here to hear our URPG concerns! In addition, swiftgallade46 and Monbrey will be joining the administrator ranks of PWN, so they can continue doing great work for the URPG (managing URPG forums, assigning section leadership permissions, etc).

    On our end of things, we’re excited to announce that just last week, PWN Staff received permission to transition PWN into a video games, anime, and Pokemon crossover board! In lieu of the Holiday Bash this year, we have an exciting array of changes coming up for the board. With Harry’s departure, we’re currently exploring questions of forum ownership, but please understand that no matter what we will continue to support URPG and our members here in any way that we can! We hope everyone has a happy holiday season, and we’re excited for our new year together!


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    :beers: to the future!!!!!!!!!!!
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