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Thread: Trainer Sign-Ups from BMG

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    Default Trainer Sign-Ups from BMG



    My trainers name is Weasel_Bacon (David)
    His age is 18
    His starter is Croagunk AKA Snoop Frogg
    His Kua is Chasm and manifests is warrior

    Appearance: Weasel (David) is a tall, slim trainer. He wears a top hat and a light brown trench coat with a dark red shirt underneath. He also wears blue dockers. He dresses this way because he always wanted a trench coat, and because he got the top hat form his grandpa.

    Personality: Cold towards his enemies after the fight with the "Family", But warm and friendly towards his friends. He acts as a guard since he lost so much, and has a never give up attitude.

    There once was a young trainer named David, but his friends called him Weasel. He became a Pokemon trainer at the young age of nine when he he rescued a Croagunk from a rogue Hypno in the woods. The Croagunk joined with David out of gratitude. When he turned ten, David went on his pokemon journey. During his travels, he began hearing reports of young trainers going missing, so he began to investigate. He eventually found some of the grunts from a cult calling themselves “The Family”. David learned that whenever a cult member defeated a trainer, they would transport them to a gated community where the cult lived. They would use their Hypnos to make the children’s family forget who they were. David eventually heard a rumor that the cult was headquartered in Star Light City, so David travelled there to confront them. Along the way, he encountered two other trainers investigating the cult. One named Sid who was searching for his girlfriend who had been taken by the Family, and another named Will, whose sister had been taken. When the group reached Star Light city, they did some digging to figure out where the gated community could be.

    They eventually learned of an abandoned orphanage on the outside of town that no one had been in for years. It was on a massive private estate, and the gate was always locked. This sounded like the perfect place to hide a cult, so the group went to check it out. They reached the gate, climbed it, and snuck up to the house. The group investigated the place, but David got separated from the group. In his wanderings, he discovered the office of the “Father”. He sorted through his drawers and documents and discovered that the cult planned to raise the children they caught as the perfect generation. Free from all sorts of terrible things like fun and creativity. Shortly after, Will arrived and told David that they had encountered the “Sister”, the leader of the branch who kidnaps female trainers. Sid lost the battle and was captured, but Will managed to escape.

    They continued searching the compound, and eventually made their way down to the basement, where they found the holding cells of the captured children! They figured out a way to break the locks, and set the children free. However, before they could escape, Brother, the leader of the branch that captures male trainers, showed up to stop them. Will and David battled him to let the other children escape, and they both defeated him. They ran to catch up with the other children, but when they reached the main hall, they found all of them standing in a circle surrounding a mysterious man and a Hypno in the center of the hall. They all seemed to be hypnotized by the Hypno He turned and introduced himself as “Father”. He told them that his children wouldn’t be leaving him tonight, but that the two of them would be leaving, permanently. The three of them battled it out for some time, with both sides giving it their all. Will unfortunately lost, and was promptly hypnotized by the Hypno and fell unconscious. David continued to fight using his Croagunk, and eventually was able to jab Father into submission and knock out the Hypno, but not before the Hypno’s incessant attempts to put him to sleep finally succeeded and he too fell unconscious. David woke up in a hospital later, thinking this was all a dream but he was greeted by both Will and Sid at his bedside. They told him that thanks to him, everyone was able to escape, but the police couldn’t find the leaders. They had somehow managed to escape. David never found out what happened to them, and eight years past without David hearing about them again. He eventually fell out of contact with Will and Sid, and continued on with his life. However, one day, Sid turned up, looking horribly crazed and slightly mad. He grasped at David’s shirt and said “He’s back. The family. Onmyo Region. Forge…” but he fell over unconscious before he could finish. Sid woke up, but couldn’t remember anything from the past week. That was when David decided to travel to Onmyo to put an end to the cult once and for all.

    Motivation: To stop the "Family" and explore the Onmyo region


    Name: Emir Ganbaatar
    Age: 19
    Kua: Plains
    Manifest: Last Resort: Chance to boost damage when below 1/4 health

    Appearance: Fairly lanky with dusty brown hair, most people would call Emir "average-looking", with his outfit strangely enough always blending in perfectly with the local style to make sure nobody gives him a second glance. That's just how he likes it.
    Personality: Emir speaks politely and with all the grace one would expect of a young noble, throwing off the first impression he works so hard to give of a commoner. He tries to handle problems smoothly, but usually is thrown off by many first-time situations he encounters, even if he is great with people. He doesn't necessarily see himself and his peers as above commonfolk, but he also thinks little of inequities in the world, citing the example of Pokémon types as similar to social castes.
    History: The heir to an extraordinarily wealthy family of mercantile nobles, Emir has long since been inured against political maneuvering. As of late, his family has been angling toward greater sway with Councillor Amine, and to this end the Shi requested a favor of them. To fulfill this favor, Emir has been sent on a mission to reinstate and confirm treaties with the other seven Kua, with the Councillor hinting at a direct subordinate position should he succeed.
    Motivation: Emir himself doesn't really sport much in the way of ideals or motives, simply aiming upwards in the world and playing the political game he'd been surrounded by since childhood. He idealizes Amine's skill at leading and hopes to one day command such power, but he doesn't really have anything to aim for with it if he does. At least he's cognizant of that; he's vaguely hoping that on the journey he's able to find another goal once he's climbed as high as he can.
    Starter: Enkidu the Gligar was once a stray, lingering around the edges of Honglan City. After kind strangers feeding her food one too many times, she ended up sticking around when her pack left, only to get into the Ganbaatars' storages. After keeping her outside for a few months, they ended up deciding to use her as a companion for Emir's pilgrimage. She's still too wet behind the ears to pose much meaning to anyone, but ideally she'd someday be able to stand on her own as a symbol, acting as an imposing reminder of the tenacity of the Plains. Much like her owner.
    Name: Allison Cross
    Age: 20
    Starter: Finnegan the Rockruff. (Mon HERE)
    Kua: Chasm
    Manifest: Warder: Counter – chance to reflect half physical damage taken back at an opponent


    Other: The belt across her waist is where Balls are stored.
    The belts on her thigh are where items are strapped.

    Personality: Allison was born a fighter. At a young age she was forced to bear her fangs to the monsters that claimed themselves to be human. Trust issues are very apparent. A volatile attitude towards anyone outside of Chasm is also a very core part of her. They think with their heart, and strike without thought. They are explosive, and only protect the ones close to them. They desire to be free of their anxieties and the constant fear that lingers within them.

    History: Before her journey, she was an average girl. That was what the world saw her as anyways. With no place to call home but her small shack on the outskirts of town, she fended for herself. Her mother died during childbirth, and her father left a few years after. Jumping from home to home, she finally was fed up with her reliance on people and their confusion towards. Closing off, people began to treat her like she was mad. It stayed this way until she left.

    Motivation: With a desire to free herself from her anxieties, she roams the region, looking for someone that can fight her, and quell her inner demons.

    She claims her motivation is to destroy everyone and everything to show that she is strong, but deep down, she just desires someone to tell her she matters.

    Name: Logan Falchinon
    Age: 16
    Starter: Klink
    Kua: Storm
    Manifest: Warder/King's Shield

    Appearance: Logan is tall and strong, standing at 6'5'' with an athletic build, fitting for an aspiring warrior like himself. His bright, shining emerald eyes can leave an impression, though his face is rather rectangular. His features, altogether, are large, even for his age; large nose, large mouth, and black hair sliding down his back in waves.

    His clothes are uninspired; the rough shirt and pants of a traveler, beige only at their cleanest and rather lacking in distinguishing features. His sack is a brownish-green and contains, essentials aside, only a sharpening kit for his blade. The saya (scabbard) that he carries is equally uninspired, lacking any distinguishing marks save for his family seal in blue dye-a crescent moon with a thunderbolt striking its tips. The blade itself, a uchigatana with a length of 63.9 cm, has seen to it an incredible level of care, nearly always shining and sharp. Aside from this, only his brilliant blue belt dares to display any color at all-but the seal upon its center, that of his family, of the crescent's tips being struck, is for many a seal of infamy.

    Personality: Logan strives to become as justice in his actions. Perhaps, in part, it's to serve as penance to his ancestor's wicked deeds. Perhaps it is just his natural, ambitious strive. That said, fools mistake justice for honor; Logan is not above tactics slightly below his station to ascribe to this, though only when dealing with criminals and those like criminals himself; he will not allow himself dishonor in more open confrontations and would sooner fall upon his sword for it.

    For such a personality, though, he is not particularly prone to outright hatred. He considers every strike against evil to be a delivery of penance and a correction of justice, but never at any point considers anything evil as to be loathed, sending enemies words of pence and forgiveness rather than spite. At worst he tells enemies what moral mistake Logan believed they had made. Among allies, he warmly wishes the best, but keeps a calm distance. A rather tranquil person on the whole, very little can truly enrage him, which would make his wrath all the worse to behold.

    History: Logan Falchinon was born as the sole heir to the Falchinon family, which, to be frank, was and is not exactly prestigious. Four generations ago, the Falchinon family underwent an incredible shaming when one of the cruelest assassins and rebels known to Onmyo-one that had ultimately never been caught-was found out to be a member of their family. That generation is long dead, assassin included (though, really, no-one found his dead body to confirm this, as he was never caught), but the stigma remained and lingered upon the otherwise good-natured family. The generations went by and the Falchinon family dedicated themselves to ensuring that this one black Mareep did not ruin their family name, pounding the importance of laws and justice upon their children. It did not quite stop them from being forced to leave the Forge Kua shortly after the reveal for the Storm Kua, which has housed the family ever since the assassin's generation passed.

    Logan was especially receptive to these teachings of justice and social equality, always the first to ask questions both terribly intelligent and of a nature as to make priests consider drinking for how terribly morbid they were-but Logan was never a troublemaker, and if anything, his presence anywhere seemed to calm people. Logan seemed destined for a prominent role in the local order of priests, until the age of ten, where Logan beheld an intense sparring match between a local man and a fellow from the Chasm Kua; neither managed a blow decisive enough to force the other to bend, and altogether it was not at all the most impressive display of swordsmanship ever beheld, but Logan's mind was made up that it was certainly interesting. Thus he returned to that spot everyday, beholding the smooth movements of the villager's blade and, attempting to replicate it, until the villager actually noticed Logan and offered to train him personally.

    The villager who trained Logan ultimately died five years later. It was not to any mighty foe, but rather an unpredictable accident-naught but a tumble down the stairs-but this signaled the end of Logan's swordsmanship training, leaving him to do nothing else but either travel to hone his skills, or simply resign himself to be part of the villager's defenders.

    The Storm Kua and its people are not known for their lack of ambition, so he left the next day, taking his one Pokemon companion-a Klink named Rex-and his swords. His first destination-Yongkai City, to test his mettle against the kin of his Kua before he tests it against the rest of the world.

    Motivation: The completion of his swordsmanship training via actual practice; the eventual goal of joining the soldiers of the Storm Kua and fighting in the wars to come; the redemption of his family name in the eyes of the public; and of course, above all else, the affirmation of justice in all things.
    Name: Qiereizo Maika (IPA: /tɕʰieɺeɪdzo maɪka/; Gazhouwa-ji: 茄理向 梅伽)
    Age: 17
    Starter: Kiruku (IPA: /kiɺɯku/; Gazhouwa-ji: 季率久) the Ralts
    Kua: Heaven Kua
    Manifest: Wanderer - Pixilate

    Appearance: Maika doesn't value her appearance much as long as she looks decent; thus, she wears clothes most would describe as "casual". She doesn't really come across as out of the ordinary anywhere she goes. For a 17-year-old, she's of average height and healthy weight. Her black hair reaches down to her shoulders.
    Personality: Maika dreams of going out on her own to explore Onmyo. She doesn't really know how to appreciate things slowly, always rushing through everything she encounters. She's generally friendly, though she is a little shy, and enjoys conversations with people she knows well. She refuses to use weapons unless she has no other choice.
    History: Maika's family is from a neighboring region to Onmyo, knowing both the local language and her mother tongue of Gazhouwa from birth. She lived a peaceful, uneventful life up until now, longing for adventure but never being able to find it. Finally, her parents relented and allowed her to leave, taking with her a Ralts they had recently adopted.
    Motivation: Adventure, excitement, something to tell her parents when she returns home.
    Name: Elio
    Age: 16
    Starter: Elekid
    Kua: Storm
    Manifest: Warder: King’s Shield – chance to avoid taking status that might have otherwise been inflicted

    Appearance: Jet black hair, slicked to the side, and light gray eyes. He usually wears a simple cotton t-shirt and shorts. A little taller than average for his age, but he would still grow; not quite a man yet, as he was often reminded.

    Personality: Having grown up within the Storm Kua, Elio had values such as honesty, determination, and relentless perseverance ingrained in him from an early age. However, he is young still and eager to prove his worth in order to impress the Empress Lyrica. He will do whatever it takes, whatever challenges await, to get to her and return what is rightfully her's. Perhaps then, she will return home and restore unity to the Storm Kua. A lot is resting on Elio's ability to bring the Empress' leadership back to his home Kua, so he can't afford to make any mistakes. Like most born of the Storm Kua, stubbornness and a tendency towards violence, can land Elio in a lot of trouble.

    History: When the Empress Lyrica fled, two things happened: first and foremost, the Storm Kua was torn. There were those who recognised that her successor, the Emporer Samori, was also of dragonborn descent, and that he was the rightful ruler of the Storm Kua. However, tensions grew and a soft murmur could be heard throughout the Kua.

    He's too young... weak... hasn't proven himself...

    This friction gave rise to boastful usurpers claiming the throne for themselves, in-fighting and excessive force among the people of the Storm Kua. The streets became even more dangerous as neighbours and friends turned on each other.

    Secondly, the Empress in her haste to leave, dropped something. Elio knew that he had to return it to her, and with it, he could perhaps entice her back home to bring order and solidarity back to their home Kua.

    Motivation: To goal here for Elio is to find the Empress and return her belonging. Elio is aware that the Empress will only regard those who have demonstrated enormous potential and possess all of the values of the sigil, so the journey to the Empress will be one of growth and opportunity for Elio to both find, and prove his worth, to the Empress, be it through defeating Kua Leaders, or building an impressive team of Pokemon to catch her eye -- whatever it takes!
    Name: Iowa Jacobs
    Age: 29
    Starter: Ramses the Yamask
    Kua: Heaven Kua
    Manifest: Warder (Spite)

    Appearance: Iowa is a physically fit man in his prime. He has a chiseled jaw-line and dashing good looks. He has dark brown/green eyes and brown hair, and is usually quite tan due to the amount of time he spends outside. During school hours, he dresses in a standard and unspectacular suit and tie, but while he's away on excursions, he favors a well-worn brown leather jacket and a wide brimmed, brown fedora.
    Personality: Iowa can be described as many things. People tend to favor the words stubborn, overly enthusiastic, and "damn good" when describing him. He has an unparalleled passion for his job, in and out of the classroom. His sense of adventure and discovery are as fiery as the mountains of the Forge Kua and his knowledge and expertise are as boundless and deep as the seas of the Squall Kua. He is dedicated to his friends, and will do anything he can to help them. He has no time for people he considers to be in the wrong, and has no qualms about telling them to bugger off, sometimes with his fists.
    History: Iowa is a professor of Archaeology at Zhenyi University. He has worked there for five years, and during that time, has made at least four major discoveries throughout the Heaven Kua at various dig sites. He is renowned across the Kua for his skill in uncovering lost treasures. He returns things he finds and gives them to the University Museum, believing that all such treasures are to be shared with the world, rather than hoarded in a private collection. After pleading with the Board for years, he has finally been given permission from the University to travel abroad and search for foreign artifacts.
    Motivation: Iowa has a simple goal in mind during his travels. Collect as many rare and unusual artifacts from as many Kuas as he can, all the while finding and capturing interesting Pokemon to help him in his quest.

    please pm me if I am missing anyone’s.

    If you see yours here, it is approved.
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    @Weasel_Bacon;'s Trainer Sign-Up has been updated! He is free to use this character for Onmyo!
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