NBP 1 - Ranger Margo Sterling.

((@Ralin hope this weather is edgy enough for u))

Long, quiet moments pass, seconds blended into what seems like hours by the aggressive monotony of heavy rainfall. The storm has left little life behind. Only the hardiest, most stubborn souls remain in its wake, seemingly unbothered by thunderclaps so loud that they shake the wood walls of the outpost. After one particularly close strike, the lights flicker out for a moment; when they come back to life, they reveal a young woman with a round, tan face staring in disbelief at a stack of papers.

“This is a joke, right?”

Margo’s never gotten a joke application during her career as a Ranger, but there’s a first time for everything. There is no way a person named ‘Hiro Protagonist’ even exists, much less is coming here in this weather to visit Ultra Space. She’s seen a lot of things that stretch the bounds of credibility, but this is just a new, special kind of ridiculousness.

Nobody answers Margo’s question. There are like two people in here, and everyone who hasn’t vacated the Enigma Ruins outpost no doubt has incredibly important work to do. It was a rhetorical question, anyway. It’s not a Ranger’s job to mock Trainers, even if they do have absolutely ridiculous names.

Everything about the papers is in order, though, so for now, she’ll treat it all as legitimate. To that end, she steps out onto the porch of the outpost. Even with the wide awning over her, she quickly finds the hair that her bandana hasn’t covered plastered to her face. She screws up her eyes and checks the phone at her hip for updates, in case her Trainer has decided to postpone his run due to the weather. Postponing an Ultra Wormhole trip would be difficult, but this storm would surely count as special circumstances.

Emergency floodlights have been set up; between these and the Ultra Wormhole’s light, Margo can make out the shape of a huge blue Pokemon squatting in the distance. “Undertow,” she calls to her Swampert, “do you see anything?” His eyes gleam as he turns toward her, and in the next flash of lightning, she sees him shake his huge finny head. With a sigh, Margo ducks back indoors and wipes the ice-cold raindrops off her face. This… Hiro Protagonist guy isn’t late yet, and he’ll probably get held up by the weather anyway. Margo returns to her chair and starts packing up her bag, careful to check that the waterproof lining is intact before it’s time to venture out.

Trainer Stats
Name: Hiro Protagonist.
Location: Enigma Ruins Outpost. The dark, stormy weather has driven most nonessential personnel off the premises.
Items: Apribox, Park Ball (x1), Super Ball (x2), Hyper Ball (x1), Energy Powder Plus (x1), Lava Cookie (x2), Calming Fragrance Plus (x1), Pokedoll (x1).
Encounters Remaining: 5/5
Pokemon Encountered:
Pokemon Captured: ???
Character Count: 0/???

Pokemon Stats
Deus Ex Machina/Wigglytuff/M/Competitive/Quirky
Moves: Body Slam, Charm, Copycat, Defense Curl, Disable, Disarming Voice, Double-Edge, Double Slap, Gyro Ball, Hyper Voice, Mimic, Play Nice, Play Rough, Pound, Rest, Rollout, Round, Sing, Spit Up, Stockpile, Swallow, Sweet Kiss, Wake-Up Slap, Dazzling Gleam, Flamethrower, Light Screen, Psychic, Protect, Reflect, Seismic Toss, Stealth Rock, Sleep Talk, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Thunder Punch, Toxic, Water Pulse, Water Gun, Heal Bell, Wish.

Moves: Agility, Embargo, Fake Tears, Feint Attack, Foul Play, Fury Swipes, Hone Claws, Imprison, Leer, Nasty Plot, Night Daze, Night Slash, Punishment, Pursuit, Scary Face, Scratch, Taunt, Torment, U-turn, Substitute, Protect, Toxic, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance, Hidden Power (Steel), Roar, Grass Knot, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Rest, Sleep Talk, Dig, Round, Sucker Punch, Counter, Detect, Extrasensory, Sludge Bomb.