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Thread: Onmyo: Thoughts, Feedback & Chat

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    Default Onmyo: Thoughts, Feedback & Chat

    Welcome to the water cooler. All of the Onmyo region's scuttlebutt here.

    Especially in the context of Onmyo being in its infancy, if you find any of the game's structure or concepts confusing, feel free to drop your thought in longform here. I'll hear you out and get back to you when I can!

    Also, this is a general chit-chat and Q&A thread. Ask if you aren't sure about something, or, talk some garbage about Ralin's too-edgy character. Motivation is to destroy everyone and everything? Guy, come on.

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    Is there a way to be involved in a Roleplay or Quest that doesn't involve one of the already-established goals? A "Story Quest" or something? I was about to submit a request for a Capture Quest, but really, maybe I don't want to capture a Pokemon right now. Maybe I want to battle other trainers? Maybe I want to explore an area? Uncover secrets and participate in worldbuilding! What if my goals aren't already covered by the categories of Quest given?
    "Because it's always been this way" should never be an excuse to maintain a broken system.

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    I guess maybe you could take up a capture quest and then just like, never throw a pokeball unless you feel like it? I mean technically if you don't RP catching anything then it wouldn't make sense to have it.... tho the navigator could just have a Pokemon decide to cling to you I suppose. That would be kinda funny actually!
    Along the same lines, would it be possible to have an extended travel quest? It's good to be able to move from place to place quickly but I get the feeling that each region is pretty big! And that while dungeon quests are pretty open ended in that you could explore, battle and catch, that they're also kinda targeted at much higher levels than everyone is >o>

    Also hey, is there a time limit for posting like AH had, where if someone doesn't respond for two weeks we can quietly write them out of the story/exit/end the quest? Since we can only have one character and it's a fixed time system, I'm worried that enthusiastic players might get stuck with busy or uninterested or uninspired navigators and then the In Character threads will stagnate in forced inactivity.

    EDIT: Heey it would be really cool if people could respond on the forums, so that a) other people can see and discuss b) the answers aren't lost on discord and c) so that I can talk about other stuff without double posting!

    So, Instead, here i am editing in more stuff!
    I remember a big discussion going on about how practical it might be for squall to have 'no permanent settlements ' and today I just realised how the early (seafaring) settlers in my country did it -- they didn't build houses or settlements, BUT, they did plant gardens! Just planted them and left them for the next people to come by, harvest, and replant! I feel like the Squall kua people might do this, in order to get some of their supplies. : D
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