Zzz… Hm? Wha…? You woke me up! Will you check the clock for me? What time is it? Night 10:00! Yikes! I overslept!

Hi! Welcome to the Onmyo Region RP: URPG’s own open-world RP, set within the feudal region of Onmyo in the manner of Pokemon’s core series games. Onmyo is divided into 8 factions called kua, each with their own unique Pokemon and cultures that will reflect to the player. What you make of yourself within this setting is all up to you — the world is open to the player!

First, special thanks to Elysia, because she laid like 80 percent of the foundation on this project, and all of its best and most original ideas are hers and definitely not mine.

We have a lot of wordage going on! Check out the Start-Up Guide, as well as the Onmyo Overview and the Onmyopedia to get a feel for the region and game mechanics respectively. Try not to feel too overwhelmed by any of this — you’ll explore the game naturally as you progress, and a real great group of Navigators has your back. You can sign up here!

In addition to Liam, our Seasoned Navigator, feel free to slip me a DM if you have any questions — I’ll be on vacation in an Asian timezone soon, but I’ll try to respond to everyone as soon as I’m able to!

Lastly, remember that for now this section is new and exists in a beta phase, meaning certain mechanics may not be perfect or were even neglected during development. Some things might need to be explained further; others may need to be simplified in our various write-ups. if you feel this applies to anything in the various ‘pedias, please let me know and I’ll take a look at that! (Also, I apologize in advance if I’m a little snappy. I am an extremely stressed boy.)

Sorry to keep you waiting! Welcome to the world of Pokémon!