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Thread: omae wa mou shindeiru!! ;; (Speed!)

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    Default omae wa mou shindeiru!! ;; (Speed!)

    Medium Mission:
    This mission requires at least two players, not including the NPC, with at least 15 IC posts from each character.
    Prize Package:
    • IC (50%): P2,300, on top of normal money that would be received from posting
    • IC (100%): P3,000 + normal money that would be received from posting
    • OOC: a Medium Pokemon of your choosing + 1 TM (2 TM's if 50%, 3 TM's if 100%)

    playing a game called 'how many media references can i make' hehehe - come for some light-hearted fun!! <3

    This will be a speed mission! Speed of which starts once we have enough players!

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    There’s too much violence in the world.

    We fought for the things that gave us life to the very end; and at this point, i’m not sure if anybody won or loss. It’s pandemonium when there are pokemon who hate humans, humans who hate pokesouls, pokesouls who hate other pokesouls. Resentment breaths fuel into fire, and apathy was always the matchstick of evil. It’s been eight months since the end of the universe, but in this space, it feels like we only blinked and we’re here now. To see cranes of purple and pink aurora's swaying their necks in the myriad skies; to witness lives gently unfurl behind our eyes. Only to know we can’t live any of it ever again.

    So now I’m sitting here, tiny wings popping out from my back, a halo hovering over a crown of kinky hair. What would old woman Josie say about me now?! My clothes are my favorite t-shirt from my lived life, a deerling impala shirt, and some combat skirt I got at an interspace pawn shop. I thought we’d arise into this new space to see everyone run nekkid with no memories behind their stark nudity; but alas! I’m here and I have clothes!

    And there are others here too - everyone who passed from the past life. Sprinting past fields with little flabebe floating on the breeze, talking to each other, waiting for the next step in limbo. There is no violence or resentment in this world; maybe some higher deity made us forget all of that. Maybe we’re just tired of it all and have lost the will for it.

    Surprise: you’re already dead!

    Then a thought enters the consciousness: big and bright, unmistakably clear! It asks you to name two people out loud: your most beloved and the one you resented beyond recognition. I stand there, tottering about in these combat heels (but at least my outfit looks good) and then the voice clears.

    Governor of my heart and the dictator of all evil to me, eh? I sniff, watching other people around me for their reactions. The field’s breeze is gentle, carrying sweet floral scents upon it. Everything rustles gently, but there’s something missing: the synchronization of our breaths in our bodies. Stopped lungs and hearts don’t respond even when I breath in. Ah, yes, thinking feels a little different. There’s a mystery here for me and you to solve, and I’m glad I’m not on my own!


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    At one time, she could remember, those last moments before everything was wiped out, herself included. The warm feeling of red liquid coursing through the veins of her body, of the cool breeze whipping against her delicate skin and the low breath’s she took before the world came to an abrupt end. She remembered looking on as it happened, fear mixed in with the hopelessness that she and many came to accept. They couldn’t stop it, she couldn’t stop it. After everything, her life dedicated to the purpose of acceptance between the different sides, none of it mattered in that moment. Pokemon, Human or Pokesoul, it didn’t matter, as they would all perish in that light, searing pain enveloping them, her, for but a second, and then go cold as her physical body existed no longer.

    As far as she knew, that should have been it, the end of the road, of her subconscious, her life and yet, she was sure she could see what appeared to be a skyline above her. She turned her head over, grass sitting high around her sides. The blades obstructed her view and so, she willed her body up with barely an ounce of effort. She felt light, as though whatever heaviness life had been burdening on her had been sapped or blown away along with the physical proof she was alive.

    Just as easy, Rou moved to stand on her own two legs, wearing her old regular purple outfit from her past life. She hadn’t noticed yet, but two small wings protruded from her back and a glowing ring hovered over a head of dark brown hair. Instead, she focused in on her surroundings, of the area, the humans, and the
    pokemon as if the things that had once separated them, no longer mattered. She squinted her eyes a bit as she stared at one of them in particular, a Flabebe. It was different, but it wasn’t just that Flabebe, everyone included seemed to have wings and a ‘halo’ of sorts attached to them. ”Am I…?” she attempted to whisper, reaching back to her own back, confirming she too had a pair of extra appendages to her person. Looking down further, she also noticed her lack of a tail and then stared down to her hands.

    Thats right. If she had indeed passed on, the physical body that held both her and Mia together, that bound them together in the living world, was gone. It made sense that their spirits would then be separate and while she found the idea a bit sad, she found it hard to actually ‘feel’ that way when a thought suddenly entered her subconscious. A question of all things and she couldn’t help but smile a bit. It was a tough question, as she didn’t feel any huge resentment towards any one individual. Perhaps the attitudes of the living to resort to fighting then peace would be an appropriate answer she figured. The other one, while less difficult was also a bit of a tough pick. She’d always loved her mother growing up, but since growing up, it had been Mia she’d found she’d come to cherish above all else. ”I miss her…” she uttered, and started making her way across the field. It was true, she wanted to see Mia again, but, there was one thing bugging her about all of this. If she had indeed passed on, why was she here exactly?

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    Elliott sat bolt upright all of a sudden, and the peaceful breeze in this new realm swished his bright green hair.
    He blinked, trying to rectify, trying to make the change of scenario make logical sense.
    The last thing he could remember was an intense sense of fear- so intense, so sudden, that it felt like his heart was going to burst.
    He looked down at his button up shirt and green vest, and couldn't notice any blood or feel any pain. Also, they were surprisingly clean. Other people were around, in similarly clean clothes, with small wings, with halos and such. Elliott screwed up his face in annoyance. "Is this another interdimensional dress-up party that I got invited to without my consent?" He whined, mostly out of habit. This place seemed to put a peacefulness in his soul- but the personality layered ontop of that still caused him to act a little less than pleased.

    He stood up and dusted himself off, accidentally bumping into a Flabebe, and ducking under another one awkwardly as it floated by. "Would you stop that?" He huffed at them, flapping a hand to try to wave them away.

    Ah, and then a question came into his mind, but it was one about things dearest to his heart, and enemies most bitter. Elliott bit his lip, preferring not to think about any enemy in particular, deciding that his biggest enemy right now was that damned Flabebe that knocked his head (even though it wasn't painful in the least). He was the kind of guy who lived in the moment, so that seemed like an applicable answer- secondary to any current threat, the thing he hated most was probably himself.
    "Dearest to my heart... dearest to my heart..." Like a dream fading into mist in the early morning, it was becoming more and more difficult for him to remember any exact person he was super close to. He remembered the feeling of it, and was sure there definitely was someone, or even multiple people in his life, but the faces fused and blurred, becoming more of a knowledge that it happened than a clear image.

    He wandered over to the two nearest angel-girls (Sou and ??? whoever smiles is?). It was time to get some answers.
    "Oy, do you sometimes have trouble remembering who you like?" He asked them, then seemed to remember his manners after the fact, and stumbled into an introduction while hoping his first question didn't come off as a pickup line. "Oh uh I'm Elliott Kavanagh, hi, also, do you know why we are here?"

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