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Thread: Contest Bosses are now live!

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    Default Contest Bosses are now live!


    After months of hard work, the URPG Contest section is proud to present its most recent addition: Contest Bosses! If you want to know about all the nitty-gritty, like payments and how bosses using two appeals in one round works, you can find exact details on the infohub page here:

    Contest Bosses are new cooperative content for URPG members to sink their teeth into. The players, known as Aurors, form a group of three and contact a Judge (known as a Death Eater) licensed to administer a Contest Boss. The Death Eater will take the three Aurors into a private channel. At that point, the three Aurors select a Contest Boss to attempt, select their starting positions (no RNG!), and go through a five round ORAS contest. If their team's average score is higher than the boss's score, the Aurors win! The prizes get better and better as more and more difficult bosses are beaten, and there's even bonus prizes for groups that are the first to defeat a boss!

    Before you go find your teammates and try your first Contest Boss, just a few rules about etiquette and when you can take these on:

    • Please don't talk about how specific bosses work in public! If you lose against a boss and you go into another group, feel free to share what you know about the boss with your teammates, but try to keep its mechanics a secret from players you're not grouped with, especially after you clear it!
    • An Auror needs to defeat a Level 3 Contest Boss to fight a Level 4 Contest Boss, and they need to beat a Level 4 Contest Boss to fight a Level 5 Contest Boss. This eligibility is permanent; you can defeat one Level 3 Contest Boss then beat as many Level 4 Contest Bosses as you want without touching a Level 3 Contest Boss ever again.
    • Once an Auror has beaten a specific Contest Boss, they cannot fight that same boss ever again.
    • An Auror can only beat one Contest Boss per week. If you've already beaten a Contest Boss this week, you can't fight another until the start of next week. This weekly reset happens at Midnight GMT on Sunday.

    Contest Bosses should provide entertainment for players of all levels of skill and experience with the Contest section! From Level 1 Contest Bosses for anyone interested in the Contest section but a relative lack of time spent in it to Level 5 Contest Bosses that can leave even the section's veterans confused, there's something there for everyone.

    Additionally, I'd like to thank everyone who helped tested these Contest Bosses. However, due to knowing the solutions to the following bosses from the testing period, the following testers cannot attempt the following bosses:


    Ash K: Golem, Greninja

    DeKrueger: Clefairy, Golem

    Johnbdm: Golem

    diamondpearl876: Clefairy, Charizard

    Mikey57: Froslass

    Ralin: Froslass

    Mistral: Froslass

    Morru: Pikachu

    Weirlind120: All bosses
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