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Thread: Getting Started with "Your Sketchbook"

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    Default Getting Started with "Your Sketchbook"

    Sketching is a natural part of the artistic process and no matter the level you are at, most typically start out with a sketch or ‘underdrawing’. A sketch is typically used to catch the feel and movement of what might be used in the final drawing, exploring angles and perspectives to work out ideas. A lot of times, this part of the art process isn’t seen, but tends to be the bare bones or ‘skeleton’ of our final works. It is here where any mistakes or problems are fixed or can be brought attention to and directly affect the final outcome of a work.

    As time has evolved, sketches have been shown to be made with all sorts of different mediums, whether it be through more traditional means such as charcoal and pencil, or digitally. They don’t have to be clean, but they do have to show the basic groundwork for a final image, whether it gets developed to that point or not. With that said, lets get down to the details.

    Getting Started:

    First, if you’d like to participate in this section, you first need to create your own thread here in this forum (or subsection). We’d advise using your name in the title along with the word “sketchbook, doodle book, sketchpad” or similar names following it so that its easier to track.

    Once you have created your thread, you may then post up to one sketch a day, each in a separate post. You will not be paid immediately in this system, but over a short period of two weeks, or 14/15 day spans (biweekly). Each month there will be specific times for turn in’s and a thread where you may post in to have a curator go through your log of sketches for that period.


    For each sketch, the artist will receive either $250 or $500 depending on the quality of the sketch. An example of a $250 sketch would be a gesture drawing or one in which there are no forms, but stick figures and scribbles. A $500 sketch would have a solid form, even if sketchy and have a good amount of groundwork laid out. This isn’t about how clean or neat your sketches are, but the effort you’ve put into them.

    Since payments will be issued Bi-weekly, the maximum made from sketches in any given week, would be $3,500, multiply that by 2, and you can make $7,000 in cash from this system! Should you make that amount though, you would qualify for the biweekly bonus of $2,000, giving a total of $9,000 for two weeks. Twice a month, this would give you a max of $18,000 per month (not counting months with 31 days or February with 28/29).Additionally, for completing the full month, an additional $2,000 may be earned for a grand total of $20,000 a month.

    In short:

    Each Sketch - $250 or $500
    Biweekly pay period max - $7,000 (+$2,000 for bonus = $9,000)
    *Biweekly bonus - $2,000
    *Full Month Bonus - $2,000

    Monthly Max - $20,000


    We’re leaving the guidelines pretty loose for what its considered a sketch as not everyone defines sketches in the same way. We encourage people to post sketches that show some substance and that we can clearly see whats going on in their image. It does not require a background, but they do help to boost the payment to the $500 range if the subject is barely above a stick figure.

    To give a better idea, our lovely artists in the curator section have given examples of their own work as seen here:

    ^Each image is clickable for a larger version!

    I’d like to specify, sketches do not need to be colored or even have shadows, but that decision is entirely up to you. When your sketches are graded, curators will have a short response to your work, but if you’d like help on pushing any of them, feel free to ask in the [creative exploits] section of discord. Tag me [Sou] if no-one responds within a day as it may be pushed up.
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