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Thread: The Valley Kua

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    Default The Valley Kua

    THE VALLEY KUA: under the same trees

    capital city: Dongmu City
    current shi: Holy Merrymaker Oyana

    The Valley Kua provides organic resources (lumber, produce) to what is otherwise a resource-depleted region. Like a dealer to a pack of addicts, the Valley Kua is on some level aware that they are supplying something that the inhabitants of Onmyo apparently can’t get anywhere else.

    Holy Merrymaker Oyama believes that she can heal the world. She often makes meandering speeches and her time spent with the curealls that the forest offers her has let her forget that healing is not the same as repair. Descended from a long line of healers who have somehow managed to hold Onmyo together through times of great peril, she is older than any other Shi on the continent. Perhaps she tires of the fighting she sees; she often spends her days in seclusion in the forest. When called to act, the Valley Kua responds as if it wields considerable might, and for some reason or another Oyama has always managed to have the backing of enough of the kuas that her judgment stands. Control the food, control the people.

    For the most part, you could be tricked into believing that this place is beautiful—a venus flytrap is intoxicating to the insects as well. Dongmu City is embedded within miles of lush forestry, magnificent structures built around trees older than anyone in Onmyo. Fey lights dot the pathway and lead you gently into the woods; the sounds of the Valley Kua’s constant revelry and cheer leaks out of the woods. The people are very much elvish in their ability to celebrate as the world burns around them, and the players really shouldn’t get any oblique hints -- but remember that the fey are eternal and beautiful and wise, but no one ever said they were kind.

    You can read more about Valley Kua manifests here, and the Pokemon native to the Valley Kua here.
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