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Thread: My Art Journey

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    Default My Art Journey

    So, I picked up a Huion drawing tablet and got a scanner. I am working to improve myself as an artist to get to the point where I feel confident about doing commissions. As far as Pokemon art is concerned, these are what I have done so far.

    First my hybrid Anubis the Galcario (Mega Gallade/Lucario), drawn out and penciled in by hand, then touched up on GIMP while using a trackball mouse.
    Anubis Galcario p1.jpg

    Next, a purely digital piece of a wild Eevee using my Huion tablet and GIMP
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    These are adorable! You have fairly clean linework, which I love. I remember starting on GIMP almost nine to ten years ago--I've heard it's gotten even better since then. How long have you been doing art?

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