(Sorry this is a bit later than we had wished)

As we had made large changes to the contest section, there were more discussions and ideas tossed around between staff, and staff and the community. So we are implementing this changes with their reasons below.

You don't need a link to a ribbon when purchasing Berry Store Mons: When purchasing a berry store mon, we have faith that all will be honest in their purchases; similar trust system with URPG $$, CC, and P. This also will allow (or make it easier for) anyone with old ribbons on their mons to use them. Just make sure to mark somehow in your stats the ribbons you've used and ribbons you haven't. This does not change the fact that you do need links to your Master Rank ribbons for legend count.

Berry Store Mon Price Changes: As the pay for CC has come down, the prices for Berry Store mons will as well.

No Ribbons Requires Mons: 10k 5k
Normal Ribbon Mons: 20k 10k
Super Ribbon Mons: 30k 20k
Hyper Ribbon Mons: 40k 35k
Master Ribbon Mons: Remain at 50k

Judge Pay: Remains at 3k total, however will switch back to the split format, i.e.: $1.5k/1.5kCC for every contest. Reason being to balance profitability and CC being more versatile now.

Contest Pay: Hypers will join Master Contests with +500$ + +500CC all around to match the ribbon-tie split.

Like I said in the first thread, we try to make things more balanced. We appreciate feedback and all of your ideas on how to make this game fun yet fair. Thank you all for you time and energy you put into this.