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Thread: Individual RP: Nitro [ Enigma Ruins ]

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    Default Individual RP: Nitro [ Enigma Ruins ]

    NBP #1
    Wrinkled hand flings itself out in front of her charge suddenly, palm cast across his chest to halt both of their advances. The shift in the dark cave that is Enigma Ruins is not a drastic one; it is subtle, so subtle that there's a chance that Nitro might not even feel it. And so she stops him, wary, knowing that at any moment a single breath could tip the scales that would twist the reality around them.

    She knew from the moment she woke up this morning, from the ache in her bones, that the Ruins would be testy today. And so she'd warned the lad that this would not be easy. It would not, quite literally, but a stroll in the Park. But adventure was out there, and they'd find it--but it looked like it was finding them first.

    It's a smell. A humidity begins to slowly seep into the air, and then suddenly a fierce gust blasts at them from the darkness, all moisture and silt and everything that smells of a land she knows well. The very fabric of existence quivers around them, bright slices of light warping and piercing the darkness that cradles them, jarring and jagged like the distortion of an old TV. Babbs drops the oversized backpack onto the earth. It thuds against the stone like a bag of bricks. She lunges for the front pocket and within moments, jerks out a pair of black goggles, both with matching snorkels. Without waiting, without warning, she shoves one pair into his hands and snaps the elastic band of her own beneath grayed bun.

    "The Lakes, the Lakes!" is all she has time to shout before the ink of the cave is ripped away from them. Dark stone walls sweep out of existence like sandcastles demolished by the tide. And suddenly they're falling, tumbling, finding themselves thirty feet above the surface, dropped above the dead center of the Park's most vast lake. The sudden brightness of the afternoon around them is blinding, but with surprising reflexes, the Ranger snags the second ball on her belt and flings it down below. It bounces on the calm surface like it's made of glass. Electric red rockets from the orb, a great blue leviathan materializing from the brilliant light. Its shell would carry them both, but in the last fleeting moment before she hits the surface, she realizes that the Ruins have dropped him almost thirty yards away.

    He would have to find a way to save himself. There's a splash as Babbs' body plunges into the water, followed by a trill as her Lapras swims near to retrieve her.

    Encounter Stats:
    none yet

    Trainer Stats:
    Nitro at the Enigma Ruins!
    Remaining Encounters:
    Environment: The Lakes: Sunny and clear. Hot and humid.
    Pokemon Encountered: none yet!
    Pokemon Captured: none yet!

    Items: Digital Camera, Hyper Ball (x3), Park Ball (x3), Pokeplayer, Super Ball

    MCR: 0 characters
    Total: 0 characters

    Pokemon Stats:

    Alias / Starmie / G / Jolly / Natural Cure
    TM Blizzard, TM Dazzling Gleam, TM Endure, TM Grass Knot, TM Hidden Power (Bug), TM Ice Beam, TM Icy Wind, TM Protect, TM Psych Up, TM Psyshock, TM Rain Dance, TM Rest, TM Round, TM Scald, TM Substitute, TM Thunder, TM Thunder Wave, TM Thunderbolt, TM Toxic, HM Dive, HM Flash, HM Surf, HM Waterfall, HM Whirlpool, BM Barrier, MT Magic Coat, MT Pain Split, SM Refresh, MT Signal Beam, MT Trick

    Bloodsport / Infernape / M / Bold / Iron Fist
    TM Brick Break, TM Bulldoze, TM Earthquake, TM Fire Blast, TM Flame Charge, TM Focus Blast, TM Grass Knot, TM Hidden Power (Psychic), TM Overheat, TM Power-Up Punch, TM Protect, TM Roar, TM Round, TM Shadow Claw, TM Stealth Rock, TM Stone Edge, TM Substitute, TM Sunny Day, TM Swagger, TM Swords Dance, TM U-turn, HM Cut, HM Rock Climb, HM Rock Smash, HM Strength, BM Counter, BM Encore, MT Endeavor, BM Fake Out, BM Fire Punch, BM Heat Wave, MT Role Play, BM Thunder Punch, MT Vacuum Wave

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    Constant change is the hallmark of the Enigma Ruins. Today, they seemed especially fickle. He was in the water. These were the Ruins, playing hard to get, and now they played the Great Lakes, so a handhold played hard to get as well. For this, though, Nitro came prepared.

    In a burst of light, a Lapras emerged to carry Babbs over lake. Great minds thought alike -- Nitro hadn't brought his Lapras, or any other Pokemon so perfectly suited to water travel, but he had one that would get the job done perfectly fine. Reaching for his Pokeball in the tide was a bit of a fumbling act, but he had the one he needed. (If it was the other one, this would become an issue in no time.) He clicked the center button.

    "Help me out!" Alias emerged from the Pokeball. The Starmie wasn't a Surfer that Nitro could mount with the same ease as Lapras, but a kickboard would suffice.

    Nitro grabbed Alias with two hands, and began paddling. Here came the work.

    [18:11] [Ranger Alliance]: (webdragoon1337) nitro, you in here?
    [18:11] Nitro: hello
    [18:12] [Ranger Alliance]: (webdragoon1337) knew there was another cool guy in here

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