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    It's bloody and it's hurting and it's loving and it's over. The friends you've made, the challenges you've faced, the joys and tribulations - all eclipse into a single point as the universe goes backwards upon itself in time, rewinding everything into nothing. But there are impacts. There are the faint images of the ones you've come to love, though you have no reason why in the current AH time universe. But this is well: it's up for you now to decide how to live your life with this new knowledge gently caressing your mind. The universe has changed, and so have you. This is a fact that may never be reverted.

    Welcome to the end! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on making it to this point!

    Campaign prizes are as follows, counted up and organized by your lovely Chroniclers (major shout out to Sari and Sou here)!


    @K'sariya; / Avignon with 87.5 points: $10000, P3000, 60 tokens, 2 new skill upgrade(s) a hard mon , and consequence jurisdiction!
    @Nitro; / Amadeus with 25.5 points: $5000, P0, 10 tokens, 1 new skill upgrade(s) and a simple mon !
    @Elysia; / Cam with 163.5 points: $10000, P1500, 45 tokens, 2 new skill upgrade(s) a hard mon , and consequence jurisdiction!
    @CowboyJake; / Agunta with 31.0 points: $5000, P0, 10 tokens, 1 new skill upgrade(s) and a simple mon !
    @VeloJello; / Sir Gawain with 40.0 points: $7500, P0, 18 tokens, 1 new skill upgrade(s) and a medium mon !
    @VeloJello; / Noelle with 31.0 points: $5000, P0, 10 tokens, 1 new skill upgrade(s) and a simple mon !
    @Ralin; / Victoria with 14.0 points: $5000, P0, 10 tokens, 1 new skill upgrade(s) and a simple mon !
    @Smiles; / Meng Li with 52.0 points: $57000, P0, 18 tokens, 1 new skill upgrade(s) and a medium mon !
    @diamondpearl876; / Mallory with 46.5 points: $7500, P1500, 33 tokens, 1 new skill upgrade(s) and a medium mon !
    @Surfer Liam; / Finn with 82.0 points: $10000, P1500, 45 tokens, 2 new skill upgrade(s) a hard mon , and consequence jurisdiction!
    @Sou; / Rou with 107.5 points: $10000, P0, 30 tokens, 2 new skill upgrade(s) a hard mon , and consequence jurisdiction!
    @Dekrueger; / Damien with 13.5 points: $5000, P0, 10 tokens, 1 new skill upgrade(s) and a simple mon !
    @Fabled; / Penelope with 12.0 points: $5000, P0, 10 tokens, 1 new skill upgrade(s) and a simple mon !

    Consequence Jurisdiction

    The consequences have been laid out, all thanks to your Tier One'ers, the guardians of the game: Elysia, K'sariya, Liam and Sou! You may thank them for what happens next! We are now all at the mercy of their plotting!

    The guardians have spoken. Their will will be enacted! And it is as such:

    there's a wrinkle in time, two paths diverging ahead. you don't know which is what; before you can see anything further, an enormous blast of light sears across your vision.

    when you awake, your body doesn't feel like your own:
    =all humans and pokemon have been turned into pokesouls
    =all pokesouls have been turned into humans or pokemon (you can decide)
    =this only applies to player characters who participated in Campaign
    =humans and pokemon can also turn into each other if they want

    a voice inside tells you that this can be undone, but you must travel far for it.

    you must journey to one of three locations and find a sacred relic to undo this curse:
    =the earthworld, underground (zygarde's core)
    =the space center, underground chambers (yveltal's cocoon)
    =the pokeworld, arhaniven steppe (xerneas's tree)

    5 IC posts in one of these three locations (you must be in the same location for all 5) will undo your curse. Current missions do not have to be affected by this change, but any new threads that you start without undoing the curse must begin with you in your altered form. Your cursed form only has the level one abilities that your character had upon initial application.

    Caveats of this:
    = Tier Oner's are exempt from doing this
    = this will be entirely player-led; ie: Chroniclers are not in charge of helping your characters achieve this in any way. Feel free to expand your character's horizon and embark upon this amazing journey with yourself and others!

    Chronicler Prizes

    At the end of all this chaos, we'd also like to take the time to appreciate the staff team that put this all together. Your Chroniclers worked hard to put together this three-month event, design it all from the bottom up, including advice from last year's events and working towards something even better for everyone! It takes dedication to host missions that inherently detract from their own characters' ability to participate in those missions - and as such, we have prize tiers to thank those Chroniclers for their work!

    Chronicler Tier 3
    Active Participation + Engagement!
    Worked to design Campaign!
    P1,500, Level 1 Ability

    @K'sariya; @Sou;

    Chronicler Tier 2
    Minimum of 5 mission posts throughout Campaign
    P2,400 + ability upgrade + Simple Mon

    @Surfer Liam;

    Chronicler Tier 1
    Minimum of 10 mission posts throughout Campaign
    P3,000 + ability upgrade + Medium Mon

    @Elysia; @Smiles

    Final Words

    I'm breaking out of character here because I'm going to get gushy -

    Spearheading this version of Summer Struggs this year, watching it all unfold, witnessing how people came together to cultivate their characters with the utmost creativity - it was truly inspiring for me! This has been an absolutely amazing season for AH and I can't begin to thank everyone enough for all the time and energy they put into this - from the staff team who was there from the beginning, suggesting new ideas, throwing things at the wall until they stuck - to the players who entered at the last minute and declared that they were going to try their hardest despite coming in late, everyone played a huge role in making Campaign a success!

    I'm truly so grateful for everyone participating in this and for growing like they have. I think it's fair to say that we've each gone on ten different journeys of our own during the very span of this; from the far reaches of outer space to connecting with other players, truly magical stuff happens in this role-play mode that is always the core of why I love this section and URPG in general so much. You all inspire me, and I'm extraordinarily pleased with how this all ended up and ten times more HYPED for our upcoming events! I hope everyone takes this time to reflect upon what they want in the future for their characters and how to achieve that by working with others and supporting them along their own journeys. That's what RP's all about too - this parallel for celebrating other spirits offline and online, with whole heart.

    GUSH TL;DR YOU ALL GIVE ME LIFE AND PLS KEEP RPING! And on that note, the Campaign section will stay in place until the threads there reach their completion. No new threads may be started in that board, and Journals are effectively frozen off, but please feel free to keep up the threads you're currently involved in!

    WE ALSO HAVE A SURVEY about how to improve Campaign in the future if you'd be so willing to help us help you get the best from the section!

    AH 4ever ♥
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    For characters affected by consequence jurisdiction, please write a paragraph below to explain how your character has transformed! You won't get any P off of this - this is just a jumping off point for other characters to see how your own has changed and to help you plot things out for the future for your character!

    Also use that post to track your posting requirement towards reverting the consequence!
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    Thanks for this, guys! This has been a fun way to get into AH! :D Claiming my prizes, lvl 2 of phasing for my skill upgrade and baltoy for my medium 'mon specifically.

    So Mallory had a chance of happiness with this consequence jurisdiction,b ut fate's a fickle thing and the people of AH convinced me to roll her fate. Instead of being a human like she's been wanting to revert herself to being for years, she is now just a full-fledged Pokemon. She thinks Pokemon are feral and capable of nothing but destruction, so needless to say, she's not happy about this. She's going to be a ghost Pokemon (Dusknoir) to retain her level 1 abilities, though she won't recognize what ghost-type she is despite it being the evolution of her PokeSoul, which makes her feel even more lost. Having resided at the URPG Space Center, too, she knows her way around and she's going to try one last, desperate attempt to revert herself to the way she wants to be, or even back to the PokeSoul which she's slightly more fond of but not really. She's headed to Yveltal's cocoon, and, being the legendary of death, he should know best how to deal with the undead ghost-types. She can only hope it has enough control over its power to help her.

    5/5 IC posts [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] FREEDOM!
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    Claiming $5000, 10 tokens, level two regeneration and Grubbin!

    Amadeus is a depowered human now, which is strange and unfamiliar, but it's not like he was ever all that powerful in the first place. So now he has to come to grips with what this means, how to approach it, and just a little bit, who he even is man. How much does he really even want his powers back at this point? Above all, Amadeus is just curious about this. How it ends specifically is more secondary at this point. Controlling events is very wack anyway.
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    Claiming my $5000, my 10 tokens, and a Tentacool. Gonna upgrade ROAR OF TIME to level 2, will put a detailed post in Soda Shoppe for approval!


    Victoria's soul ignited for the first time in rebellion. Her soul no longer under the shackles of despair she placed herself in. Her empty feelings still remain, but she now has a drive to do something. Desires of freedom now consumed her. Her dark eyes and lifeless personality remain but hidden under a mask of confidence. She wants to return to normal, but she wants to become the one truly in control. Chains will be her weapons, rather than restraints.

    In her moment of glory, she finds herself thrust back further. All progress halted. She must now understand the perspective she has grown to hate. Maybe, just maybe, in this pure form, she can find what makes him tick.

    Victoria is a DIALGA POKEMON.

    Yveltal's Cocoon, the Pokemon of Death. Not a pleasant situation being to interact with. Perhaps though, there is a small chance, he can take the death that holds a heavy fog over her soul and free her of herself and this new form.

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    Secondly, claiming all of my stuff! I'll be claiming my upgrades to Noelle's hearing ability and Gawain's soothing ability in the shop (sincee I need to revise their lv2s) soon. Claiming Azurill as my Simple from Noelle, and Venipede as my Medium from Gawain.

    SIR GAWAIN bares flat teeth in unbridled disgust as he stares down at his warped body. At the best of times, he has little appreciation for human beings, but being changed into one is the biggest insult he can possibly think of. His limbs are slow, unresponsive; heaviness clings to him like sweet honey, dragging him down in body and mind. He supposes he should count himself lucky that he's retained his ribbons and teeth, that at least he has some weapons left - but it's cold comfort compared to the shock of losing his own body.

    The rental spaceship isn't the biggest, baddest rocket on the market, but the controls are enough that even these bizarre, spindly human hands can master them. The cockpit is a little cramped as he climbs inside. Right now, there is only one thing he really knows - that he needs to go to the Temple on his home-planet, and seek the guidance offered by Xerneas, the bringer of life.

    NOELLE has one thought upon awakening: where is LEVI?

    <Levi! Where are you -> Noelle makes to get out of bed, only to realize that her body is nigh weightless and her feet are absolutely worthless. Looking down brings a sense of dread and recognition, a bizarre and horrible correctness to the situation. Shouldn't she have been born this way? Wouldn't one of them, if the two of them hadn't trapped each other?

    One of the girls in the quarters screams; Noelle screams right back. "Shut up!" She'd cover her ears if her arms - wings - whatevers! - weren't so short and stubby. Why does everyone have to be so noisy all the time!? Her tiny legs manage to propel her up, just enough for her to catch the air with her tissue-paper wings. Beyond the girls freaking out about a Noibat being in their room, Noelle hears an unfamiliar voice. It's not Levi's, but it echoes in her head the same way. She narrowly avoids bonking her head on the doorframe as, with a few fidgety flaps, she unknowingly begins her journey to the heart of the Space Center - to the cocoon of the bringer of death, Yveltal.

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    So I'll just say right off, apologies for not being active in the campaign when I should have been, so sorry team and others. I did make one post though, and I actually do want to enjoy this little thing with the curse a bit, so I'm gonna go for it. Great job on running it everyone regardless, and I hope I'll be able to push myself to be active in the next one.

    And then.... it was silent.

    Taliyah could no longer hear Azelf. None of their smug comments, not one of their kind remarks, nothing. There was nobody there, and nobody responded to her calls. In her dreams that night, she tried to find them once again, but it was just... empty. She needed someone to talk to, she needed someone to comfort her. Her father did not provide her the same feelings as Azelf, nor could anyone else. Over a day, Taliyah started to lose track of reality to herself. The changes from Azelf started to fade. Her bright blonde hair had turned a dark black, the color from it fading into the abyss.

    Why would Azelf abandon her?

    She thought on it, and knew it couldn't be true. Azelf wouldn't leave her. No, Azelf must have been taken away. And she, she needed to get them back. No matter who got in her way, if they would drive her away from finding Azelf, she would put an end to them. Her powers had not left her, and she would use them however she needed to. She hid herself away from those she worked with, and went on her quest. She donned a cloak and ran to Earthworld, to find Azelf and set her life back in motion once more.

    To her, Azelf was the sun. And she cannot live with no sunshine.

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    Incoming video transmission from epsilopointer

    It's just me now, huh?


    - x -

    I've decided to go in a completely different direction with this. Miyu is stuck in limbo, while Chiaki has reverted to her original body. Unless that's not a thing I can do, in which case I'll join the bandwagon and have Miyu stuck in a Mismagius body.

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    Claiming Skiddo and a Zubat! Also my 10k, 3.9k P, 45 tokens (all of this on Finn), and then my 3 upgrade abilities!!

    THANKS SO MUCH Y'ALL! This was amazing! HUUUGE thanks to @Smiles; for being the spearhead and amazing all around!! Also big thanks to Ely, Sari and Sou who helped build all this up!! Y'ALL ROCK AND I'M SO GLAD WE CAN #TEAM #IT #TOGETHER!!!
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    I also have to echo the sentiment about how awesome this event was. Thanks so much to everyone for participating. It was such a wonderful experience, and the turnout was so awesome to see and be a part of.

    • $10,000
    • P4,500
    • 60 tokens
    • 2 new skill upgrades:

      • Kit / Mind/Intuition / lvl 2: The auras that Kit perceives now appear more accurately, allowing her to discern the intentions of others. She intuitively understands any language she hears (Pokemon, human, or others) but cannot speak these languages, nor can she identify them from one another if asked, as her understanding is subconscious and unbidden, not something she can clearly identify.
      • Avignon / Teleportation / lvl 3: See Shoppe description.

    • Level 1 Ability:

      • undecided.

    • A hard mon! That I haven't decided on yet but will decide on later. 10/22/17 EDIT: Claiming Onix!
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