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Thread: Fairy types

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    Default Fairy types

    So out of all the Fairy Pokemon we have now, with some getting the type added, which of the group is your favorite?

    Optional questions: which is your least favorite? Or do you even like the type at all?

    For me I like the type, I'm just glad we have a type that is a counterpart to the Dragon type. My favorite Pokemon of this typing has to be Sylveon, Klefki, and Mimikyu mainly cause they are so cute! My least favorite of this type is Mr. Mime, I've never really liked this Pokemon anyway and adding this type to it does not change my feelings towards it.

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    I'm fine with fairy types, as they give poison types another type advantage that they needed, but eh I'm not happy with it being super effective against dark types.

    Funny thing is, I used to not care about Mr. Mime previously, but now I definitely see it as a more usable pokemon with its additional fairy type XD
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