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Thread: 2017 Caption Contest ~ Birthday Extravaganza!! (Week 9) FINAL

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    Talking 2017 Caption Contest ~ Birthday Extravaganza!! (Week 9) FINAL

    Welcome to the PWN 2017 Birthday Extravaganza Caption Contest!

    This is a fun and simple event where you, participants, must caption an image that the host, me, posts. Images will range from still screenshots to GIFs.

    Now here is some info you need to know before you start:

    • PWN rules applies of course
    • Captions can range from G, PG, or PG-13 but no farther
    • Your captions can be funny to serious if you so desire, as long as it is within PWN guidelines
    • Each week will be a different image with Saturday's being the last chance to caption for the week, Sunday's there will be a voting poll of the previous weeks captions + the new caption thread for the week
    • The exception to the above bulletin will be that on August 19 the last caption contest & voting will take place on that Saturday before the extravaganza ends
    • Finally, participants will receive 3 points for their team, and 6 points will be given to the winner of the voting polls

    Got it? Now let's start! And remember to have fun!!

    Here is the image for the week:

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