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Thread: Villainous Team Hopes?

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    Default Villainous Team Hopes?

    So far we don't know who the villainous team are in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon yet... Some of us are thinking of a role reversal between Team Skull and Aether Foundation, some of us think it will be Team Skull and Aether Foundation again with no changes (or a possible hybrid) and some of us are jhoping for a whole new team altogether...

    If we DO get a new villainous team, then I hope it's a fundamentalist religious group...

    I think this could work and I'll explain it.

    The team could be run by a priest who is extremely faithful to the Tapus, he takes the stories and (possible) scriptural texts (The Holy Bible sort of thing) very seriously and he fears the Tapus.

    The priest's mission is to get everyone saved, get everyone right with the Tapus and rid the Alola region of sin, to prevent mass destruction of the whole region from the Tapus (we saw what Tapu Bulu did to the Tapu Village).

    The team could be made up of the priest (Leader), deacons/bishops/pastors (Admins) and the Grunts could be the congregants. The Grunts could be mainly made up of ex-Team Skull members (like how churches take in young folk that have lost their way in life).

    The team could be like the Westboro Baptist Church and many Alolans would pass them of as religious nuts.

    I'm actually surprised how much this actually seems to work, if not nutty Tapu fanatics, maybe nutty Arceus fanatics.

    What are your hopes for the villainous team(s)?

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    if they are like the WBC then go for it, they are crazy lol

    Hmm for an evil team I wouldn't be surprised if they brought back Team Skull and Aether Foundation, or like you said a hybrid type change. For me I'd rather they just have the Aether Foundation instead, while I did like Team Skull in SM and they were funny, I didn't like how they were put into the story. If they do bring back Team Skull then don't have them be part of Aether and not a semi-faux villains, just let them be the usual delinquents in a type of side quest/post game.

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