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Thread: Individual RP: juliorain [Woods]

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    Default Individual RP: juliorain [Woods]

    NBP1 - Ranger Margo Sterling
    At first glance, the two probably looked like they were just part of the scenery. Margo Sterling sat on the back of Roswell, her trusty Metagross, who was in turn resting in their ‘dormant’ state. Their legs were retracted most of the way into their body, while their torso rested on the grass. With their claws and facial crest obscured by underbrush, only the metallic luster of Roswell’s body gave away the fact that they were a Pokemon rather than a set of bluish rocks.

    Of course, Margo wouldn’t be sitting around chatting with a bunch of rocks. “You sense anybody around yet?”

    There was a moment’s pause, then a quiet, echoing voice in Margo’s mind. <Not yet.> Roswell paused for a moment, <Well, I can sense dozens of Pokemon around us, but no humans yet.>

    Margo smiled and patted Roswell on the back. The sunbeam Roswell was sitting in had heated their exterior a little bit, so that the metal had risen to a gentle, heavenly warm temperature. “Well, I think we got here a little early, anyway.” She pulled out her phone and leaned back against Roswell’s rear leg, then began scrolling. “We’ll be taking an, uh, Alexor Moore out today. Oh, and I’m probably gonna need your help more than usual.”

    Roswell’s response was less words and more a telepathic sense of inquiry, but Margo understood it and answered appropriately. “He’s looking for a specific Pokemon. Scyther, unless something’s come in wrong.” She paused as she tapped at the screen, face scrunched up in concentration. “Or unless I’m reading something wrong on this stupid tiny screen, which is pretty likely.”

    A low, brassy rumble sounded from within Roswell’s core. Time had taught Margo to recognize it as a laugh. <I’ll keep watch for the bugs,> they promised.

    “Thanks.” Margo put the phone in her pocket and sat back up. She’d had Roswell stop by the edge of the main path into the Woods from the Park gates; unless Alexor got severely lost or deliberately veered off course, he would have no trouble finding them. Content in the knowledge that her Trainer would be on his way - and that, if he did stray off course, the little beepy device in her pocket would be able to reconnect her with him - she rested her hands and chin on one of Roswell’s front legs and settled in to wait.

    Trainer Stats
    Name: Alexor Moore
    Location: Woods Outskirts, mid-morning. It's quiet and peaceful with gentle sun. No effects.
    Items: Park Ball (x6), Energy Powder (x1), Lava Cookie (x1), Poké Doll (x1), Intermediate Voice Disc - Scyther (x1).
    Encounters Remaining: 15/15
    Pokemon Encountered: ???
    Pokemon Captured: ???
    Character Count: ???/???

    Pokemon Stats
    EMs: Sunny Day, Flamethrower, U-Turn, Psychic, Shadow Ball, X-Scissors, Taunt, Hone Claws, Acrobatics, Draco Meteor, Snatch.

    EMs: Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Charge Beam, Snatch, Will-O-Wisp, Psych-Up, Rest, Sleep Talk, Light Screen, Reflect, Rain Dance, Toxic, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power Dragon, Protect, Pain Split, Electroweb, Foul Play, Sucker Punch, Signal Beam.

    EMs: Earthquake, Roost, Substitute, Roar, Return, Stone Edge, Iron Tail, Dragon Dance, Outrage.


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    Breathing in the fresh forest air was a relief for a change. Definitely a newer enviroment than he was used to. He looked at his notbook and saw scribbled in dark pencil the coordinates where was supposed to be. He pulled out his map from his heavy bag, opened it up and tried to figure if the place was the location. Perplexed, he sent out Laviere, who upon materialized jumped in excitement. It turned to me, and motioned at the map. In a rotom-ish candor floated over to Alexor, asking, it, "can you read this? Margo said we should meet here."

    "Are we at these coordinates? Can you psych up the map see if you can get any sort of insight?"

    Laviere zapped in agreement and looked at the map, lightly rotating as it levitated, its washer tube dangling loosely off the ground. After it breathed in to take in the map, it let out an other zap, or sound, but this time seemed negative.

    "Great! We're lost!"

    Laviere seemed perturbed and could clearly sense its trainer's frustration with locating his ranger. Alexor ordered Laviere back into its ball and stuffed his map violently back in his pack. He summoned Noivern out of his ball and Pierre materialized, perched on the ground.

    "Perhaps I should have asked you for help. Can you hear any other people in the nearby forest?"

    Pierre responded by sending some high pitch frequencies of sound to reflect back to him, like sonar. Just after about 15 seconds, Pierre growled and pointed northwest towards a patch of grass with a woman resting on her metagross.

    "Wow! Pierre you're great!"

    Alexor ran over in his classically awkward gait to the woman nearby, calling, "Hello.....!!"
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