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Thread: Online Chatting

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    Default Online Chatting

    In most video games there is an option for online chatting. I'm talking about the ones where you have headsets on and can just have a simple little chat with other players while gaming. You can be playing CoD, WoW, LoL, etc. and talk to other players whenever you want! I've never experienced this before mainly cause I don't really play MMO's much or games like CoD, but it sounds like it can be fun with the right people. So I'm really curious on what other's thoughts and experiences are on this.

    Do you do this with types of games that allow this option? Do you get discouraged from it if you come across a player with a nasty attitude, or do you just let it be and continue your fun? Also you can post your experiences you had with it if you want.

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    The MMORPGs that I play (Guild Wars 1 & 2) don't have such feature, but I have used other messenger software to do voice calls while also playing the game.

    The chats are mainly fun conversations and commentaries between guild members though, and less on strategy - We are all great in-game ;)
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    HAAA I'm pretty shy fsr when it comes to using my irl voice with online things, but if they're people I know and have come to love over time it's no worries (:

    plus after urpg karaoke i feel like i can do anything voice related for the next ten years lmao


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