wanted to bring more love to this board n~n

Creating art, no matter if you're painting, writing, sculpting, etc can be such a messy and arduous process - full of struggles, second-thoughts, and revisions. I feel like we often don't talk about the process enough - the spotlight shines on the beautiful completed work, but I think what happens to get to that point is even more enticing!

What are confessions you have of motivations for your art, hardships with the process, changes in your thinking that you've never admitted or been asked before?!

When it comes to my stories, I'll admit it: I got an email saying that someone left a kudos on my fic and I got so HYPED I immediately started thinking about how I could continue the fic! It was such a small thing but I felt so grateful and I'm sure I overthought it but it made me so happy lol it's kinda pathetic

A secondary one - lately, my thing has been transforming all the anime guys into girls and giving them the power and spotlight they deserve cause girls are strong and amazing

What are your artistic confessions?!