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Thread: The Portable Computer Revolution!

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    Default The Portable Computer Revolution!

    In the past couple of decades, the laptop industry has accelerated like never before seen! There are now new types of laptops: clamshell laptops, which are traditional, 2-in-1 laptops, that fold 360 degrees backwards on themselves, and detachable laptops as well, where the keyboard will come off from the screen portion!

    What do you think about these new types of laptops, as well as the rapid development of laptops as a whole? What are you hoping to see in the coming future? What's your favorite type of the three laptop types now?


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    I just have a simple regular laptop, doesn't do any of that fancy stuff lol. They seem neat and all but I certainly don't have the money for them, but I guess it would be nice to have one like those. I find it funny how they keep making new laptops like they do with iphones, slightly bigger or lighter and able to store more stuff etc. and releasing them like not even a year after the last model (not that I have a problem with that though, it makes them money anyway and if people like that then cool). As for the ones mentioned that I like most, I guess it would be the clamshell one since it's like traditional laptops.

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    I use my typical laptop like a plugged-in desktop computer anyway, so portability is not a concern for me.

    I find that the development of laptops is somewhat slow though. Ie, most laptops released recently still can't surpass the RAM of this old laptop, and I'm not even using a high spec or gaming laptop, just a normal one.
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