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Thread: If you were to have a mythical creature for a pet, what would you have?

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    Default If you were to have a mythical creature for a pet, what would you have?

    Thought this would be a fun little thread to participate in. So what mythical creature would you like to have for a pet?

    I think I'd go with a hippogriff honestly. Admittedly I was going to pick a dragon but that would of been a really common choice anyway, but I thought a hippogriff would be more fun to have instead, plus I find them to be really cute! A half eagle and half horse creature is pretty cool.

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    HAHA YESSS, I love this thread!

    As a child, I always loved Carbuncle from Final Fantasy! In all the iterations of the game, it's basically a green bunny that can heal people and put up defensive spells. I aspired to be that when I grew up! I guess it's not a true mythical creature since it's Final Fantasy lore, but if I had to choose another creature I'd want a succubus.

    Who wouldn't like this?! To hold, cuddle for comfort, and heal minor scratches and wounds <3 Give a little boost for the day!


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    a politician who only tells the truth. imagine the immediate good you could help accomplish for the people around you!

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