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Thread: Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Discussion!

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    I don't have it yet!! But from what I've been hearing so far there are mixed opinions (well it was there when they announced these games too) about it. I'll be getting these games for Christmas, so for now no real opinions about them just yet from me, I do find it neat though that
    all past legendaries (except for mythicals I'm sure) are able to be caught in these games, and the fact that they brought every evil team so far in USM too. I can't wait to play them to see how this all goes down!

    Editing my post to put more stuff in instead of making a whole new one/double posting:

    So now that I have the games I'm going to say that I like the updated look it has. I also really love the PC's redesigns so much, especially the female PC, her low braids are so cute!

    Anyway I haven't gotten too far into the game (I started US first and just got my starter in UM but not much after that) I know it won't be much different from vanilla SM but still, defeated Ilima's trial today and
    not really sure if spoiler worthy but just in case people want to be surprised about what Pokemon you can catch, currently my team consists of Brionne, Zorua, Buneary, and Hawlucha (will be removing her though after the second island), I like how they added other Pokemon you can catch on the first island like Ekans and Zorua. Also noticed you can now catch Rockruff on another part of the first island instead of just Ten Carat hill.

    But yeah really liking it, even though it's a polished version of SM I'm still going to enjoy it regardless. (I should probably make a thread about logging your USM progress so it's not just clogging up this one)
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