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Thread: Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Discussion!

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    Default Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Discussion!

    WHOA it looks like pt. iii's here!

    What are your thoughts of these updated games from what you've seen in this trailer? What are you hoping for?


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    tfw I was hoping for gen IV remakes

    Looks neat! I didn't really get the time to watch this before until now. I really like the designs on Solgaleo and Lunala in this game, they look more like Ultra Beasts. Also I notice we have new PC's? At least from the boy it looks like a new player character, if it is I'm wondering what the girl PC will look like. Hoping Hau is still our rival, or at least in the game, but I'd be fine with a different rival if it'll be like BW2. Oh and hopefully walking animations will be better this time around, I really didn't like how the PC's in SM walked.

    And this year it'll be released!? Man I still don't have a switch to get a new Pokemon game on (which talk has been going around saying it's a mainline game, so maybe gen VIII on switch?) or any others for that matter, but USM coming out this November will probably make me broke. At least it's for 3DS so that's good, too bad it's a month after my birthday it releases could have gotten it then lol. USM or switch (if I actually find one) for Christmas? This is difficult!

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    Well, I'm hyped, though there has been a huge drought of news, which has me thinking that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be nothing more than a third version, instead of a sequel.

    With Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon however, I see it as a second chance before another Alola trip, I mean this by there may be some things you did before SuMo that you may regret, or you may have changed since SuMo.

    This time, I'm a Bible-Believing Christian (I had an Atheist phase for over a year and a half) and I want to start using this forum again and speculate with you guys!

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