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Thread: The Alvato Region Tournament [An Invitation RPG U/C]

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    Default The Alvato Region Tournament [An Invitation RPG U/C]

    Welcome to the Alvato Region, part of a magical world full of dreams and adventure! A world widely inhabited by creatures with wondrous powers; creatures that we call Pokémon!

    Unlike the rest of the inhabitants of the
    Pokémon world, the relationship between these powerful beings and the people of Alvato have always been a bit... contentious. For as long as anyone can remember, the denizens of Alvato have thought of themselves as refuges from a world where used to war without end out of jealousy over each others gifts. They were once exiles, now given a promised land an ocean away from the rest of the world to inhabit as they see fit. This was countless generations ago, but to this day the people of Alvato live with a weariness of Pokémon not seen anywhere else in the world.
    However, as fate would have it, nature had its way. The humans weren't the only ones weary of strife, and the first settlers promptly discovered that even in the nooks and crannies of their haven these wild creatures lurked. With time more invaded yet still, from the waters, the skies and even as stowaways about the ships of future settlers and visitors. It became increasingly clear that some form of compromise would be made. Pokémon would live on the island region, but people would take extra precautions to keep them out of their homes and villages. The wilds teemed with the creatures in no time at all, but both man and beast would soon find that if they did not encroach upon the territory of one another, than no further conflict arose. This was the beginning of an understanding between the two.

    Uneasily, the two continued to coexist with relative peace as both knew that anything was better than the jealousy fueled bloodshed that their ancestors knew in the past. With time a few brave souls ventured into the wilds and found themselves returning having struck a bond with one of these nearly mystical beings. Having seen Pokémon grow by doing battle with one another in the wild, these pairs of man and beast took part in these encounters as well. As they did, they discovered that through doing battle not only did their Pokémon partners grow strong, but so too did their bonds. Through their efforts, a few lucky humans were able to tame these creatures, and as such others referred to them as Pokémon Trainers.
    For a time, some held onto hope that the lives of humans and Pokémon could intertwine peacefully, but others still regarded Pokémon Trainers with suspicion. Perhaps it was only natural; this handful of people had incredible power at their fingertips. They had beasts capable of doing considerable harm at their beck and call while countless others had no affinity for befriending the creatures. Yet their concerns were not misguided. Pokémon battles brought countless injuries, and frequently resulted in damage to property and surroundings. Accordingly, perhaps half a century ago the practice of Pokémon battles for leisure was outlawed.
    Unfortunately that simple ruling was all that it took to halt the growing popularity of bonding with Pokémon. Trainers still existed, but became mostly unheard of as the title alone risked subjecting them to suspicion from their friends and neighbors. Relationships with Pokémon decreased in quality as those who did train the creatures did so for self defense when traveling in between neighboring towns. Separation between the developing towns and cities of man and the wilderness that belonged to Pokémon had lessened slightly, but nonetheless still held strong.

    If only they knew that overseas relationships between man and Pokémon were flourishing beyond even the progress they'd seen. Without the tools available to the trainers of other regions, the handful of trainers across Alvato were seldom seen with more than one Pokémon. Furthermore with the history of constant separation the technological advancement of the region lagged roughly two decades behind. It was only two years ago that the outside world once again established contact with the distant Alvato. It was Silph Co, the technological powerhouse that outfitted the scientists and trainers of Kanto that broke the ice. In Alvato the corporation saw opportunity: both for money and for a chance to do considerable good. A sister company branched off from the main company and established itself on the continent, in hopes of testing the waters. They began by bringing with them a single product; none other than Silph Co.'s Pokéball. The miracle capsule was unlike anything the people had seen. By converting the energy of Pokémon into data and back, the capsules could relay Pokémon anywhere in the world and back to their trainer's side in the blink of an eye. With the convenient storage provided by the collapsible marvels, trainers could capture Pokémon with ease. No longer were trainers limited, as with Pokéballs they could now have six of the creatures at their side with ease.
    The Silph Co. sibling company Cosmo became a big name in Alvato overnight. Spurred on by the windfall of money and the accomplishment of weakening the tension between humans and Pokémon, Cosmo Co. branched out even further. With so many new trainers springing up so too did the demand for medicine. Skepticism and suspicion gradually melted into curiosity. Silph and Cosmo Co were more than happy to re-purpose old research labs for the cause of educating citizens to the wonders of the creatures that had gone overlooked for so long. They funneled millions into their endeavors, opening several Pokémarts, labs and Pokémon centers all across the region in the course of two years. But even until present day the older generations clung fast to their old ways. Their relationship with Pokémon was better than it ever had been before, but many insisted that the practice of battles was far too dangerous. The younger children, teenagers and adults of Alvato had other ideas. They had the knowledge and technology that Silph Co had brought them now, surely they could do much better now. Even the researchers at the labs insisted upon it; battling was in the blood of Pokémon; it was how they grew stronger in the wild. In fact, to not battle was practically unnatural!

    As such, we are brought to the present day of this rather peculiar region. Our attention shall turn to a small island off of the South East cost of the mainland of Alvato. It goes by the name of Genesis Island, and the inhabitants of this place are particularly set in their old ways. Trainers exist upon this island, but their numbers are fewer than those upon the mainland. Perhaps it is because of the safety minded elders, who insist upon the prevention of letting Pokémon roam free in their towns and cities, or the fact that Cosmo Co has only just recently set up property upon the island. Regardless of the reason, a few members of the younger generation are beginning to grow particularly restless. Thanks to the times, and the opinion of their parents and grandparents these young adults have been missing their chance to become trainers.
    Our story takes us to a place called Canvas Town. The age of ten is long past for these souls filled with wanderlust. Without the permission to befriend these creatures it is likely that these individuals have ever left the town. Its a quaint little place that made it on the map by a mere two virtues; the full pallet of colors that fall from the flowering trees each spring and the research lab located smack dab in the middle of the town square. Having just recently fallen under the management of Cosmo Co the previous summer, anyone who sought to learn about
    Pokémon need only ask, having plenty of knowledge at their beck and call. How frustrating it must have been for the eager young heroes to be, to be able to learn so much, but be unable to put that knowledge to use.
    Fortunately out heroes find themselves at the eve of a very important discovery. Rumors have it that the executives and researchers of Cosmo and Silph Co have been in close contact with the governing bodies of Alvato. In fact, a local who frequents the research lab claims to have it on good authority that a rather large announcement is being planned for this very night...

    Pokémon Battles are on their way back! A new story is about to unfold!

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    So we've got Weir, Ralin and K'sa. That's a full set of three! Just so we're all on the same page (and everyone reading along) you guys agreed to the following rules.
    • Starter Selection - Expanded custom set
    • -Ranger Class is permitted any URPG legal starter
    • Combat/Interaction System - Pokemon Tabletop Adventures Lite
    • Move Limits - 5 Moves+
      -Daycare and Event Moves can be tutored
      -HMs can be opted not to take a move slot. However, doing so makes the move unusable in combat
    • Balanced (?) Fairy Type
      -Fairy types are weak to Fire moves.
      -Ice types are resistant to Fairy moves.

    The party is about to begin, but the peaceful folks at Canvas Town are none the wiser!

    The quiet village of Canvas Town lies nestled in between South Western sea border and center of Genesis Island. Remarkable for its easygoing citizens, lack of confrontation between people and
    Pokémon and resilience to change, these quaint little settlement has little reason for anyone to give it a second glance. Once a year, when spring thaws away the chills of winter however, the trees and flowers themselves redeem themselves. As petals fall from the flowering plants, the streets and sidewalks take on a layer of color not unlike a coat of paint for weeks at a time, earning this town it's name. People will come from all over the island to behold the spectacle, but the inhabitants themselves seldom ever leave. For the rest of the year, the exchange of knowledge becomes the life blood that keeps the town on the map, as academics are always traveling to and from the Canvas Town Lab, owned by the local celebrity Edward Noire.
    It was about six months prior to the events that are about to transpire that the old professor stepped down from his post. The friendly folks at the Cosmo Corporation were more than happy to offer him a hefty sum for the use of his old lab, and promptly sent a man of the their own to fill in the shoes of the previous owner. Professor Albert Spruce now mans the helm of the Canvas Lab, but the jolly old Edward just couldn't keep himself away. Instead of enjoying retirement the well loved middle-aged man signed on as none other than the professor's apprentice. Together they built quite a bit of attention to the lab out in the metaphorical boondocks. It very quickly became a sign to everyone in town that when Edward's son Adrian was seen running about town that he'd been sent out on another errand for some crazy new project the two had concocted. Things were beginning to get interesting for a change!

    News travels quickly, and when all of Alvato became abuzz with rumors on the ongoing discussions between the R&D head and executive board of Cosmo and a handful of representatives of the Alvato Defense Agency, the people of Canvas town were caught up in it too. Rumors had it the company was pushing to make life on the islands more like it was overseas in regions like Kanto. Yet when asked if they knew anything about the discussions Professor Spruce and his assistant simply smiled and chuckled like school children holding fast to a dirty little secret. It was abundantly clear that they knew something that others didn't. When the youth of the town turned to ask the same questions to the assistant's son, he affirmed that they certainly did have a trick up their sleeves. The question was, what?
    Those who kept up with the news were kept waiting with baited breath for nearly half the month of February, and in Canvas the anxious heroes to be wanted nothing more than to hear that they could get out and see the world. Surely with Cosmo's recent advancements it was only a matter of time before it was safe to be a trainer. The first evidence of an answer at long last came but a week ago when Adrian Noire was seen hurrying around the village once more; on an errand for his father no doubt. Slung over his shoulder was a messenger bag, and clinging tight to the young man's collar was a Ralts. The two were handing out letters, to everyone in town. An invitation from the two of them on behalf of his father and the professor.

    "Dear [Reader]" It began.

    "You've no doubt heard the news of the Cosmo and ADA conferences.
    We'd like to apologize for keeping you in the dark for so long.
    We at the Canvas Lab would like to inform you that this Friday the events of the conference will be televised!
    If all goes well, we have it on good authority that the executives of Cosmo are planning a very special announcement!
    On behalf of Professor Albert Spruce we would like to extend an invitation to watch the
    conference with all of us at the Canvas Lab.

    The party is scheduled to begin at 5 pm, and everyone in town has been invited.
    Food and refreshments provided, dress is semi-formal,
    and please by all means bring the whole family!
    There will be plenty of food, space and fun for everyone!

    We hope to see you there, Signed
    Professor Albert Spruce, Edward and Adrian Noire and Tybalt the Ralts!"

    And that night, the sleepy town of Canvas had a party unlike any they'd seen in years. But for the hopeful youth, more lay in wait yet still!
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