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Thread: Your Process

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    Default Your Process

    What do you need to write? How does the process unfold for you - from thinking about writing, from putting the pen to paper, to reviewing and henceforth?


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    so user: smiles will be all SHOW ME UR WORK FROM WHEN U WERE BABBY!NOIR and i'll think up a short story to distract her from that. There's no real pattern or rhythm to what triggers it besides being in a heavy emotionally in tuned state, so if I'm daydreaming/meditating or w/e. I'll get an idea and then ponder on it for about...5mins or so then stop thinking and write everything down. Then I try to go outside into nature for as long as possible and make a quick note of anything/anyone that sparks my interest. Double back to those particular things and really try and paint a descriptive picture as to what I'm feeling, why I'm feeling it and how others would feel. Run back, make chicken scratches on a notepad then sit down and hash something out. idk the whole process of reviewing and editing for a creative piece vs scientific essays is still new to me but I take Stephen King's advice: remove an entire paragraph and see how the story flows!

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