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Thread: np: Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness

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    Default np: Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness

    I've told about 8 people this year that my interpretation of our purpose in life is to "maximize the long term happiness of yourself and those you love without sacrificing your morals." So with that in mind, how would you go about doing such a thing???? where would you even start????

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    that's so beautiful <3 I'm happy you aspire to that! one of my own personal mantras will always be: "to be happy and healthy, loved and known, and to love and know others in return"

    for yours personally my first thought would be to live a lifetime of service. Define what the values are that thread into your ethical morals, and then set that up as a backdrop for how you want to live in this world. Living a lifetime of service means understanding where you stand in your community, your world, your universe, and how your every action impacts all of these, one ripple at a time. Only once you can do that I think, can you contemplate what it means to maximize the happiness of other people. Ironically I think it has to start with yourself - making sure you've living a meaningful life for yourself that reflects those values and morals as a backdrop. Only once you're doing that have you unlocked your understanding of your own limitless potential for what you can do on this world. And then the answers to unlocking happiness for others will come easy, I like to think - because you're so in tune with community and the universe within and without you!


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    Every now and then I get a "pang of mortality," which is my occasional gut feelings when I realize and remind myself that my time here is finite. I'm very religious but at the same time I find myself worrying about death. My meaning in life has always been "to enjoy as long as it lasts," and I remind myself this when I realize what I am doing is pointless. This is probably why I can't keep still in my own home. I have to be on the move and is why I took up activities like Smash Bros. or soccer. I place goals ahead of myself, such as getting top 8 at next weeks tournament, and I formulate a plan to get myself to that level. This whole process is what keeps me sane tbh. And how would I go on to accomplishing long term happiness, I would set up long term goals which would impact mine and the lives of others. An example of this would be to get a decent job. I can accomplish this by doing good in school and getting into a good college. And within these "macrosteps" i finder smaller steps, such as passing my Biology class, and even smaller steps, such as getting an A on tomorrow's test. I have fricking godly memory and sometimes I get overconfident and don't put enough effort, and then I fail. Then I bring myself back up with a renewed determination that pushes me forward, which later starts to dwindle down. It's like this cycle of success and failure that I go through that I am pretty sure everyone else go through too. Now how does this relate to your question? Well this cycle is what keeps me going on my goal to success. My journey there is exciting, full of upsets and victories, and I guess that's just the beauty of life.

    Also if heaven where to be an endless, static, joyful, peaceful eternity I'd be sooooooooooooooooo boooooorrrreeeddd.
    FIGHT ME!!!

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