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    Default Computer Love

    How do you feel about the nature of online friendships - do they have a different quality from friendships that are "irl"? How would you compare them, are there any online friendships which you really cherish? What makes them so special? Do you think about an "end game" for online friendships, in terms of meeting that person, or is that even a thought when you go about your online interacting? Please share below!


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    hmm..there's always gonna be that barrier online with people since the physical element of a friendship and being able to create tangible memories in real life is really important. There's also not a dependence on a medium to keep you together (computer/phone) or potentially cut your friendship off if something happens to either of them. Yet I know with online friendships you tend to meet people who 100% have a common interest you both share and you only have your personality to work off with, not any physical factors which can lead to some unexpected friendships! there's a lot of ppl i talk to irl that i met online first and we've both said "we would've never talked irl we run in such different circles lol"

    end goal? there's no real end goal, but i think its important to recognize that online relationships are probably gonna die out easier due to life getting in the way and be ready for it. sure it would be cool to eventually meet up with everyone i enjoyed talking to over the internet but money smh

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