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Thread: superbeast (med mission!)

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    Not all bodies rolled up and survived like she did. Cam looked up and realized that, yet again, she'd spent too much time focusing on herself: the woman with the sword was broken for the best sense of the word, her body plastered in too many directions to be okay. But the lady was screaming at her, tendrils of her rage whipping out like they were alive, and Wingnut sent her flashes of a cornered wolf lashing out with teeth and fangs, warned her to get back before its jaws snapped shut around her throat. There was danger here, the kind that you couldn't just run away from, and yet...

    It felt bad hearing her yell, like when Mom was mad at her for sneaking out to circuses on her own or something and there were hints of something else beneath, something deeper, and it made her want to cry even though she was a big kid now and that was well past her but --

    She didn't watch the bull pull itself up from her arm and walk across the room on short, unstable legs. She was suddenly shaking as Wingnut sent her something else instead, an image that neither of them could've possibly seen. She didn't count think as impossible very often, and the events of tonight were a great reason why, but this. Couldn't. Have happened.

    But the blooming pain of a monstrous sword eating into her stomach, flashes of red and blood and hair all mixed together, blue eyes burning with the intent to kill, a jumble of puzzle pieces that she can't put together. It all felt real, as real as the fingers of her mechanical arm clenched around her wrist, the servos too tight. Her breath came in short, aching pants, and she was taking frantic steps backward, eyes wide with fear, shuddering all over her supposed victory. Where did you find that? she asked Wingnut. Her body was slipping out of her control, hacking trembles threatening to overturn her, but her mind still ran at a million miles per minute.

    In response, he said three words she'd never heard him say: I don't know.

    This place was weird. There were ripples in time and space and Cam suddenly knew with the most resolute understanding that there had been a chain of events, and that chain of events had ended with her ending, violently. She took the only thing she could latch on to and tried to strip the fear from her voice, and failed. No matter. Big women with swords probably saw people a lot more intimidating than little girls in pigtails and stripey stockings. "You looked at me like I'm a monster," she said in a quavering voice. "You think I'm one of them."

    (A simple fact that Cam hadn't really gotten anyone to understand: no matter how many potty mouth words you used around a kid like her, it was really hard to get her to shut up).

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    Pain hardens about her like armor, like a scrambler that churns empathy into a reptilian hiss of static. Arm that props up her upper body quivers unbidden with exhaustion. Frustration rolls off of her in waves. She can practically taste the blood upon her tongue, and her brain grasps for that moment where she'd thought that she'd felt golden magnetic blades ripping through flesh, some kind of flesh, and the Transistor meeting resistance as it stopped at bone, but only for a moment. Had she imagined it? Heated glare drops for a moment as brows furrow, as the woman tries to wade through it all. The lapse in focus is the only thing that keeps her from swatting the small bull away like an irritating fly, not noticing it until there's a small warmth the seems to flow over her body.

    Blue eyes snap upward to the small creature as it speaks. Avignon notices the way her pain beneath her flesh fades away, and yet she still cannot bring herself to forgiveness, and it's the bull's words that spark further fury within her. She'd come here for parts, not the bending of reality and of broken bones that would kill her in an unforgiving wilderness. Even in all of humanity's advancements, even after how far they'd come, at least she'd still known how it all worked, known that reality and time and space were rigid and constant. Now, as she'd begun many times since the meteor had destroyed their world, she doubted everything that she knew.

    Now, she just wanted out of this damn tent.

    With a gentle prod of her fingers, she can still feel the way a select couple of ribs move in a way they aren't supposed to. She hears the child's fear, the wavering of her voice. Avignon was only human, and perhaps somewhere, there's a part programmed into her that instinctively responds to the sound of a child in pain, but somewhere along the way she'd lost touch with it all. Especially now. So she ignores the girl, face still wrinkled in a snarl, as she hauls herself unsteadily to her feet.

    "Nobody cares," comes the hiss at the bull, cast over her shoulder as she finds her balance long enough to stumble to where the Transistor lay. She scoops to grab its handle. "Just tell me where I'm going to leave this hellhole." It's a demand, one that she's probably not in proper shape to be making, but that never stopped the swordswoman before.

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    Kieran, Reply #7

    As Elliot spoke his piece it became abundantly clear that this plan needed reassessment. It was a long shot, a hail mary. One life had already been spent so that they may keep theirs, and Kieran wasn’t sure he wanted to gamble with it. While he’d managed to spend a sliver of time as a member of the Protectors, cannons were simply far too archaic of a tool of war for him to have gained any practice with. Even if he had, what were the odds that said knowledge would even be applicable to a circus cannon? Without the knowledge to use it, it may as well just have been a prop. Whether they intended to use it or not, the two couldn’t afford to linger here too long.
    If you’re sure you want to humor the idea, then just sit tight and catch your breath. I’ll see if I can’t make heads or tails of this.” He explained to his companion. Their lives were in each other hands, and in a situation like this communication was key. Prior knowledge of the device or not, there were only so many variables to consider… at least as far as he could tell.
    Kieran set to work inspecting the device before him. Maybe, just maybe, if this thing was set up in the middle of nowhere it would also be ready for launch. As far as he could tell it looked like it was already lined up at their slowly receding means of escape. Angle looks good… what else, what else…?” Kieran moved as he aimed his gaze lower. Safety equipment seemed far too big of an ask, so he didn’t even bother. Instead he was looking for some sort of fuse and a powder chamber, anything that could indicate how many times this thing could be fired, and how much preparation needed to go into it. As he inspected the device, even more questions lingered in his mind. Would it be okay to fire the cannon without someone maintaining it from the outside? Would the barrel fit the two of them at the same time? If the answer to either of those was no, than the point was moot; someone would be left to brave the wasteland on their own, and they’d be in the same situation they started in. In Kieran’s mind, enough had been sacrificed today. Either both got out, or neither did. If the answer to either was yes, there was the matter of if the variables would change. Did they need more powder for this stunt? To adjust the aim of the cannon?
    Kieran shook his head, gripped his hair and gave a sigh of exasperation before letting his arms drop to his sides. I’m not convinced I can do this on my own. Give me a hand?” He asked hopefully.“That is, if you aren’t too rattled. I’m looking for a fuse, a powder chamber, and a way fire this thing.” He explained, trying to present his request as just that rather than a demand. “I’m no expert, but I’m trying to figure out if we can both use this… either in succession or at the same time. Because if we can’t, I’m not convinced it’s worth trying…”Kieran continued with a sigh. “And well… if you’re thinking similarly then we’ll go right back to running. And we’ll follow your card, okay? It’s my fault we couldn’t save the guide anyway.”

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    Elliott frowned a little at being told to sit tight and catch his breath. Sure, he wasn't as fit as this other guy, but he figured they were about the same age, and Kieran probably didn't know anything more about circus cannons than Elliott did. So, before he was even prompted, Elliott frantically joined in inspecting the cannon. He grunted a random panic noise as confirmation when Kieran asked him to help inspect the cannon.
    Checking in underneath, he found a few brightly coloured helmets hanging from small hooks- as if making a mockery of safety equipment.
    "All I can find so far is the typical circus s**t." Elliott swore as he threw them down onto the ground, and then regretted it and wondered if it might be a good idea to wear them anyway. He was the kind of person to put safety above pride, but this entire place seemed to take delight in ridiculing anyone who had wandered in.

    "I can't really find anything..." Elliott was still more desperate than frustrated or angry, but this kind of futile struggle was hard to put up with, especially since their time was clearly running out if they wanted to use the cannon. The option of going back into the fray seemed much too violent and too low a survival rate for Elliott to want to consider it- especially since they would have to go back past the blood splatters of their two-minute ally.
    Elliott peeked over his shoulder back at the fighting figures in the distance, and had a sudden sinking feeling in his gut.
    "Kieran..." He began, eyes glazing over slightly,
    "...What if... that firey pokesoul was supposed to light the fuse..." He finished, his stomach sinking with dread and despair. The words felt so thick in his mouth that they almost didn't come out.

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