Basics Mission: 3-5 quality posts per stage of a 3 stage Pokémon, i.e. 9-15 quality posts needed for Tyranitar

Helena: Seadra PokéSoul, Enforcer
Lvl 2. Sharp Shooter: Helena is able to use her plasma guns (one, two handed rifle, and two hand helds) to stun, injure, or kill if necessary with good accuracy up to 50 meters. From there, her accuracy gets shaky until around 100+ meters where it's almost not worth wasting ammo.
Lvl 3. Gills: Helena is able to live and breath underwater for an extended period of time. Swimming is difficult if bogged down with weapons, but otherwise she can swim at a fast pace.

Thea: Dusclops PokéSoul, Enforcer
Lvl 2. Wrappings: Thea is able to us the wrappings that come off of her body to ensnare, grab, and whip her foes. These wrappings, however, seem weathered with age and snap easily, making large object difficult to hold and strong opponents hard to wrap.
Lvl 2. Hypnotic Hallucinator: Thea is able to hypnotize her opponents briefly by concentrating and moving her hands appropriately; any minor slip of a finger, or a break from concentration and the illusion she brought on to whomever is easily broken. The effects only last a short amount of time before the opponent realizes it's a hallucination.

"Come on, Thea, we're late," Helena said with spitfire. She took long strides down a seaweed ridden beach and only slowed to allow the other, more average sized Enforcer, to catch up.

"You're just so tall," Thea whispered in a fog of her own voice, "it's hard to keep up with you sometimes."

"Hahaha!" Helena chortled with such gusto that the guns and ammo on her belt jingled in rhythm. "The women from my village were all of this built! We were decedents of Vikings, warriors, and noble brutes! I was just another one of them, until this happened," Helena pointed to a patch of blue scales and spikes that landscaped her cheek. There had obviously been a large abrasion there which healed in a very unusual way. In fact, these spots of blue scales and spikes were all over Helena's body wherever her skin appeared. On her legs below her cut-off cargo shorts, patched here and there on her belly and lower back, scattered on her arms and neck, and some spikes even poked out of her black, nylon tank.

"After they found out I was a Seadra PokéSoul, they threw me out to the wild..." Helena paused for a moment, "arrogant idiots," she finished in grand defiance. "And what about you, Ms. Walking Death?"

"Well, when these started to appear coming from me," Thea murmured as she pointed to what looked like old, gray wrappings that wrapped around her legs, hips, and chest, "I started to panic. I thought it was some skin disease. But soon I was finding myself able to move them, and then even imprint on people's imagination. It got to the point to where I was able to confuse a person just by looking at them... but my mother caught me doing it one day to my brother. She told me my eyes were glowing red, and my hands were making bizarre, blurred circles; I had no idea! Soon after there was big trouble and the Enforcers came and took me away..."

They walked in silence for a few moments. Helena was unsure what to say; she wasn't very good at empathizing. Thea, however, was getting lost in melancholy memories, but broke out of her own trance as she said, "I like your hair, by the way."

Helena whipped back a strand of her cyan hair that naturally formed into a beehive like style, but strands keep falling and finding their way to her shoulder, cheeks, and back. "Thanks," Helena said awkwardly. Other than empathizing, she also wasn't very good at "girl talk". "Um, I like your cowl and shawl."

"Thank," Thea breathed as she stroked her black cowl that hid most of her silver-gray hair. Her uneven bangs covered one of her eyes, and she kept a black handkerchief with a skeletal print of teeth and mandible over her own fleshy nose and mouth. Her midnight shawl covered her shoulders and elongated down to her mid-back, but looked torn at the end with tears and rips decorating the once luxurious cloth.

"Who are we meeting again?" Thea asked tentatively.

"Her name is Alma. An Enforcer and Mareanie PokéSoul. Our rendezvous is up here on the beach by a small cliff near the port, in about 15 meters," Helena replied. She squinted to focus her eyes as she continued, "In fact, I can see the cliff up ahead, and it looks like Alma might already be there."

"And this is all to save a Larvitar PokéSoul?"

"That's correct," Helena said, "But I'll explain further when we meet up with Alma."

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